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You Can Stream Android Games To Facebook Live Now [Updated]

Stream Android Games To Facebook Live: Facebook is already worked on a lot of other fields in the past few years. But they are not satisfied with just being a social media platform. That’s why Facebook has also started moving into the entertainment field like gaming and it is doing this by directly rivaling with YouTube. Facebook is giving proposal of videos for quite some time now and it can be said that it has become a larger place for video consumption even though it has not quite managed to draw attention the same level from content creators who, at the end of the day, make or break a certain kind of video streaming platform.

Additionally Facebook has been lagging behind in live streaming, at least as far as game streaming is concerned. When you watch others playing video games that is really a popular amusement for a lot of people, so much so that perhaps the single biggest content creator on any platform, PewDiePie, built his brand on playing video games. So, it is clearly a superb gaming market, and that’s why Facebook wants to enter into it with some new features.

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Consequent with a survey by Jane Manchun Wong of upcoming Facebook features, it seems pretty likely that you would soon be able to Stream Android Games To Facebook Live. It is a significant step for Facebook because it would serve a platform’s that will first attack into the field of game streaming, and if this plan works then it could be a good news for Facebook to establish themselves in a brand new player in this field, a player that would have significant clout and would be able to use this clout to its advantage. However, given the mixed success of Facebook Watch, it is also possible that this attempt would fizzle out and Facebook just wouldn’t be able to capture the same kind of audience that other platforms have.

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