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XNSPY Reviews: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

XNSPY Review: We put the XNSPY Android monitoring app to the test, and the results are pretty surprising!

Reviewing any app is a tough task. This is doubly true when it comes to smartphone monitoring apps. These apps are complex, often require technical know-how, and expensive. Putting affordability, top features, and ease of use into an app is difficult. In this article, we have decided to review the XNSPY app. XNSPY’s reviews have highlighted the app’s reliability. On the other hand, many reviewers have claimed XNSPY as the best Android monitoring app. So how true are these claims? We will layout all you need to know about it, share our opinion, and leave the rest to you.

XNSPY Reviews: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

XNSPY: Best Android monitoring app?

Most Android monitoring apps choose to focus on two separate markets. For example, some apps offer features more suited for parents, while others choose to exclusively focus on the employee-monitoring market. However, XNSPY is a bit of a different case because it can be used in both situations. This is because it has a broad suite of features, and the added flexibility to toggle on/off any feature. Your subscription may end up being a tailored version custom-made for you. So how can you create such a version, and what kind of features can you use? Let’s take a detailed look at why it is widely claimed that XNSPY is the best Android monitoring app.

XNSPY Features

XNSPY Reviews: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

1. Social Media/Instant Messaging app monitoring

The app can keep a record of all messages exchanged on a variety of instant messaging and social media apps. This list includes prominent platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. Viber, Tinder, LINE, and others are also tracked. All multimedia files, including voice-notes, are accessible too. That being said, not everything is rosy here. The phone must be rooted to use some of the features.

2. Location tracking

XNSPY can accurately identify the location of the Android phone. It is easy to know where they are because this is integrated with Google Maps. Additionally, the app can also track GPS history. XNSPY offers a geofencing sub-tool that can be used to mark specific areas on the map. These locations will be “fenced” and the app will inform you the moment there is a violation.

XNSPY Reviews: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

3. Telecommunications monitoring

You can view call-related information and texts. The SMS log includes deleted messages too. On the other hand, the call log lists all call information along with the date and duration. There is a phone call recording feature too. However, it is more suited for office use than at home.

4. Internet activity management

View their web browsing history and bookmarked pages. You can also read all emails. However, that’s about it. The app does not offer a website blocking feature, so that is a disadvantage to keep in mind.

5. Access to multimedia

Go through all multimedia files stored on the Android phone. Photos, videos, audio files, calendar entries, etc. are included.

6. Remote control tools for Android

We were a bit confused about some of the remote control tools. For example, the remote screenshot feature sounds intrusive. Similarly, the remote activation of the device microphone is intrusive. Other than that, the remote control tools are important. You can view and block any installed app. This is important for screen-time management. You can also view saved contacts, and remotely lock the phone.

XNSPY Reviews: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

7. XNSPY alert function

We will be honest here. We dismissed this feature initially because we could not believe that such a function could work reliably. However, we were surprised to discover that it worked as advertised. Is this app the best Android monitoring app? It may just come down to this feature. There are three watch lists: for locations, words, and contacts. XNSPY will identify the moment there is a match between phone activity and any entry on the list. It will immediately send out alerts to notify you. You do not have to monitor their activities every hour. This app will do this for you, and alert you to what you need to know.

The affordability factor

Check out XNSPY reviews (customer reviews) and you will likely discover how its affordability is a decisive factor. XNSPY’s basic version costs USD 4.99 per month. However, it sacrifices for the low price with important features. The app’s premium version costs USD 7.49 a month and provides all available features. This is many times more affordable than most other Android monitoring apps.

The app can be installed on Android phones running on versions 4.0 and above. We do not think that compatibility is an important factor, since most functioning phones run on the required OS version.

Installing XNSPY

Here is a four-step guide to installing XNSPY on an Android phone:

Step 1: Purchase a subscription and enter your contact details. You will receive an email that contains your XNSPY credentials and a download URL.

Step 2: You must access the Android phone to perform this step. Open the URL on the phone and download the app. There are no further requirements and the app stays hidden. Physical access to the phone is no longer required either.

Step 3: The app must transfer device data to another server. You must wait as this can take up to a day.

Step 4: Log in to your XNSPY account and select the Android phone. You can view all phone data from the control panel on the left.

XNSPY Reviews: Things You Should Know Before You Buy

To be fair, the control panel is not impressive. It follows an odd color scheme and has an unintuitive design language. We recommend you practice the app’s demo version before jumping in.

It is not difficult to think about why many claim XNSPY as the best Android monitoring app. XNSPY’s customer reviews have been stellar as well. However, no app is without its disadvantages. Let’s identify them.

XNSPY Disadvantages and Advantages


  • You must root the Android phone to use some of the features of Xnspy.
  • XNSPY does not offer a free trial version.


  • There is no other app that is as affordable as XNSPY.
  • The alert function is remarkably reliable and does not face any issues.
  • You can deactivate any feature you think is inappropriate for your circumstances.

Still can’t decide? Take a look at this summary!


Do I need physical access to the phone?

Is it hidden?

Call log
Call recording
Call interception
SMS monitoring
Spoof SMS
IM & Social media

GPS tracking
Email access
Web history
Content filtering
Camera control
Microphone recording
App blocking
Phone lock
Phone data deletion
Instant alerts


USD 4.99/ month for basic version & USD
7.49/ month for premium.
All Android
versions 4.0 and above.
Yes. Only for installation. No further access is needed.
Yes. XNSPY is completely hidden after installation.
Yes. Check out the detailed review above to view the list of apps or visit the website.
Available for all messages, locations, contacts, keylogger, and web searches.
You must root or jailbreak the device to use text message monitoring features.

FAQ On XNSPY Reviews

1. How Long It Takes To Get The Software After Purchasing XNSPY?

You will get the email containing your link to download the software and installation instructions right after your order gets confirmed and your payment processed.

2. How Can I Track Internet History On A Cell Phone With XNSPY?

Using XNSPY to track internet history on a cell phone is simple. All you need is to open your XNSPY web account and choose the “Internet History” tab from the “Phone logs” drop-down menu. If you want to have a walkthrough of how it works, you can try the XNSPY Demo. For more details please click here.

3. How Long Does It Take To Install The Software On Target Device?

Depending on the speed of your Internet, it takes almost 5-10 minutes to get the software up and running on the target mobile phone or tablet.

4. Can I Monitor Internet Browsing History From All The Web Browsers On The Monitored Device?

You can monitor internet browsing history from select mobile browsers. On iOS, it’s Safari; on Android, it’s the “Internet” app and Chrome.

5. Are My Credit Card Details Safe With XNSPY?

As you make the purchase, be assured that all your credit card details are absolutely safe with XNSPY. You will be redirected to a 100% safe and secure checkout.

6. Can I Track Internet Browsing History Off The Monitored Device In Real-Time?

Yes, you can monitor browsing history in real-time, because if the monitored user is browsing the web, he must be having a working internet connection on his/her device. However, this holds true only for Android. If you are using XNSPY on iOS, you would have to wait for the next iCloud backup. If the browsing history is deleted prior to the backup, you won’t be able to access it.

7. Will XNSPY Show Up On My Credit Card Bill?

No, XNSPY name will not appear on your credit card bill. All and any XNSPY purchases will be charged as Serfolet Ltd.

8. Can I Track Private-Mode/Incognito Browsing History On The Monitored Device?

It’s not possible to track private internet browsing sessions on the monitored devices.

9. How Can I Get A Refund If I’m Not Happy With XNSPY?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of XNSPY software, you can be eligible for a refund within 10 days starting from the date of its purchase according to our Refund Policy. However, we are convinced that most refunds can be avoided if you request professional help from our Customer Support.

10. What If The Monitored User Changes Their ICloud Credentials, Will I Still Be Able To Monitor Them?

You will need access to the iCloud credentials every time they are changed or updated by the monitored user to continue monitoring their cell phones or tablets.

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