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X Mouse Button Control Download 2021 [Updated]

X Mouse Button Control Download: We don’t understand how significant the mouse is until one day it breaks and a few assignments we used to do in a fraction of time, at that point take a long time without that small gadget.

A computer generally can’t function fluidly without a mouse that many people don’t realize. Their computer mouse can do a lot more than just point and click.

Our mouse likely has several buttons and possibly a scroll wheel or two, however, would you say you are utilizing the default settings, or would you be able to open and close web pages, turn the volume all over when you play music, or mimic any keystroke? You can, with X Mouse Button Control Download.

X Mouse Button Control is a free utility by which You can configure your mouse to work in a specific way for individual application windows.

One of the incredible advantages of X-Mouse is that it can uphold numerous clients. This facility is ideal for families, as every individual can make their own profile. This guarantees that no one will mess with your mouse settings. Keys can likewise be set to act distinctively inside various applications. For instance, you can set the alternative to close program tabs in Chrome and make a similar easy route duplicate content in Microsoft Word.

Technical Specifications:

Initial release:
Stable release:
File Size:
System Requirements

X-Mouse Button Control
2.19.2 / 23rd May 2020
1.4 MB
Windows XP / Vista / 10 / 8 / 7 / 2003
Phillip Gibbons

X Mouse Button Control Download

X Mouse Button Control Download Features

XMBC permits you to change the behavior of the mouse buttons and scroll wheel. The broad rundown of capacities accessible to guide your mouse buttons incorporates alternatives, for example,

  1. Send any keys using the ‘simulated keystrokes’ editor
  2. Launch any windows application
  3. Clipboard control (Copy/Cut/Paste)
  4. Media control (Play/Pause/Stop/Volume/Mute etc.)
  5. Capture screen (or active window) image to clipboard
  6. Click-Drag [Sticky buttons/keys]
  7. Click-Drag [Sticky buttons/keys]
  8. Various support for specific Windows operating systems, such as Flip3D in Vista,
  9. ModernUI/Metro in Windows 8, and Virtual Desktops in Windows 10!
  10. And much, much more

X Mouse Button Control Download

Installation/Upgrade Information Of X Mouse Button Control Download

The installer will naturally close a current instance of XMBC so you don’t have to close or uninstall an old adaptation prior to introducing the most recent.

X Mouse Button Control is arranged to run consequently when you sign on to Windows.

This can be switched utilizing MSConfig or the beginning around tab in Task Manager on Windows 8 or later.

Requirements For X Mouse Button Control Download

A mouse and driver that upholds 5 buttons. Note: If your mouse has 5 buttons yet the fourth and fifth buttons don’t do anything in as a matter of course – at that point, XMBC may not be for you. This product depends on the driver to send the default fourth and fifth mouse button messages which ordinarily default to BACK/NEXT in programs and different projects. Having said that you can in any case remap the standard 2 buttons and parchment wheel.

A viable adaptation of Microsoft Windows. X-Mouse Button Control upholds all 32bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) versions of Windows from Windows XP to 10, including Windows Worker releases.

X Mouse Button Control Download

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