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We Should Learn How to Restrict Unwanted Calls | TheWiSpy [Updated]

Have you ever answered a phone call from lucky schemes or providers? Well, this is so annoying to receive such unwanted calls with the hidden number because we are unable to check the number. Not only such a call, but a mobile user also faces fraud or scam calls. These phone calls are made only to get the personal details, including banking details.

The dangerous part begins when predators or molesters harass children to make them do unlawful activities. Things can go worst for our kids if we do not help them on time. Adults know how to deal with such phone calls, but our young generation is in more danger than anyone else.

A user can block unwanted calls on the mobile phone. Many people want to discover how to restrict suspicious calls on android and iPhone. We will share why the restriction of unwanted calls is crucial these days.

Restrict Unwanted Phone Calls on Android Phone

Every android phone has its own built-in feature to block phone calls. All you need is to access your child’s android phone physically.

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Tap on the Call Settings
  3. Tap on Reject Calls
  4. Click on the “+” Button
  5. Add the number you want to restrict.

We Should Learn How to Restrict Unwanted Calls | TheWiSpy

Get Help from “the National Do Not Call Registry”

People can get help by contacting “The National Do Not Call Registry”. It will provide you protection from scammers or annoying phone calls. A user can get guidance from this institution for free.

Block Annoying Calls on iPhone 

iPhone is a popular operating system among audiences for various reasons. The most popular fact is its security. Before you hand over the phone to your child, you should take the following steps:

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Click on Recent
  3. Tap in “i” (next to the Caller you want to restrict)
  4. Scroll Down the Screen & Block the Number
  5. Tap on Confirmation Note

Reasons Why we should Block Unwanted Calls

Let’s check out why we should take immediate action.


Parents can’t imagine how predators can harm their kids. Cybercriminals often use social media to reach youth, but some can make phone calls to harass teens. Parents can’t keep an eye on every received call as they also have some other duties to fulfill. But you can check their call logs and find out if any hidden number is calling your child. A recent analysis shows that predators make long-duration phone calls and develop a friendship bond with youth. Later, they demand personal pictures and videos & blackmail them. Here is the 5 top dangers of social media for teens you should must-read.

Bullying – A Serious Mental Health Issue Cause

Apart from the predating issue, the more rising concern is bullying. We often hear that kids get bullied on social media platforms, and this is true. But the problem has been increased more when people started to bullying the victim by phone calls. Bullying is the worst nightmare that turns the bright life into a nightmare. Some children attempt suicide because bullying causes stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, worthless feelings, depression, etc.

Get Abused by meeting Strangers 

Grooming kids trust every person and even become friends easily with the wrong callers. Such strangers know the tricks to groom them and earn their trust. Children often meet them in person. Such strangers buy the kids presents and abuse them physically.

People often want a more reliable solution to access the target phone. Here, we have come with a remote access solution to block unwanted calls without letting the user know. How?

Let’s go-ahead to find out.

Use Third-Party Apps – Android Spyware 

Modern technology gives us a chance to control things remotely. Parents can use third-party apps like TheWiSpy, which work stealthily and gain access to complete access.

Working parents often claim that they can’t monitor their kid’s phone logs and unable to help them. But now, they can install the TheWiSpy app to record phone calls and check who is calling their children and what they talk about. Using the android spy app, the end-user can manage online activities and get call recordings along with incoming & outgoing calls. The end-user also can block unwanted calls through the control panel with only a few clicks.

Does the iPhone also Support Spying tools?

Well, this is not easy to track an iPhone, but it’s also not impossible. The end-user needs credentials of Apple ID and require a jailbreak to gain access to its insights.

Wrapping Up

Unwanted phone calls are annoying and distract us from doing our work. Adults often deal with such scammers or unwanted calls, but our youth get involved with the wrong callers and reveal personal data. Yes, this sounds dangerous and can bring harm to our children. Parents can use the TheWiSpy app to record phone calls and gain access to the call recordings plus take action against any suspicious call.

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