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Updated DJI Rumors – DJI Mavic 3 In January 2022 [Updated]


Based on the latest industry rumors we currently have, it seems that DJI will at least launch the DJI Mavic 3 in January 2020.

We all know about their tricky marketing tactics and it is not a small coincidence that DJI chose to “leak” the news of the Mavic 3 release date right after Skydio 2 hit the market on October 1. Drone enthusiasts may recall how DJI adopted the same strategy by releasing a drone right after the ill-fated GoPro Karma.

The new version of Mavic 3 may come in two models, Mavic 3 Pro and Mavic 3 Zoom. The new drone promises to feature improved video quality, the ability to return home without GPS, and a system called AirSense that alerts drone pilots of potential collision risks. In today’s blog, I reveal the Mavic 3’s rumored specs and debate whether this new DJI drone shall be able to replicate the success of its predecessor, the Mavic 2 Pro.

Updated DJI Rumors - DJI Mavic 3 In January 2020

As per the latest update, these are the rumored Mavic 3 specs-

  • ActiveTrak 3.0
  • ADS-B receivers
  • 4K60 capabilities
  • 10 visual-sensing cameras
  • ActiveTrak 3.0
  • Visionsync 3.0
  • Occusync 3.0

DJI Mavic 3: ADS-B Receivers for Enhanced Drone Safety

Some times back, DJI released a whitepaper titled, “Elevating Safety” which contained 10-key steps for enhancing drone safety.  One of those steps is the installation of ADS-B receivers on all DJI drones from 2020 onwards. Based on this, we can surely assume that the Mavic 3, with a rumored release date of January 2020 will be equipped with ADS-B receivers as well.

This video shows how the DJI Airsense feature allows DJI drones to receive ADS-B signals and determine if there is another aircraft approach.

May DJI Reach on Advanced Metrics to Cinematically Avoid Obstacles and Astronomically Lower the Learning Curve?

The Mavic 3 will arrive with “ActiveTrak 3.0”. As per the rumors, the next generation Mavic will be equipped with ten V10 cameras and take advantage of 64 Megapixels of data. Moreover, the Mavic 3 shall have the feature of “Return Home without GPS” as well.

Now, it is great technological progress from the Mavic 2 which utilizes just 4.9 Megapixels of data. Mavic Air utilizes 1.9 Megapixels of data.

The recently launched Skydio 2 uses six cameras for similar AI-equipped obstacle avoidance. As per the initial reviews, Skydio 2 which is a product of 10-years of careful research has impressed many with its autonomous capabilities.

Will the Mavic 3 be able to compete and even outshine Skydio 2? We shall be the first to review the Mavic 3 as soon as it hits the market. Visit this page for updates!

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