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Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC [Updated]

Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC: Whether you are a student or a business owner, you may need transcription services from time to time. You may need to transcribe meetings, conferences, webinars, lectures, interviews, and just important calls. It allows everyone to store essential data and information in a very convenient way.

Doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers, bloggers, and people of all professions record and transcribe their meetings. Regardless of your purposes or field of work, you can use automatic transcription software and have your audio or video files converted to text. It is a very good way to save time and protect your data.

When using audio transcription services, you don’t need to replay the recording all the time, pause it, and listen to it again. It is enough to have printed text and highlight the necessary points. The best services allow you to use timestamps and easily find the required area.

Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC

There are over 200 different apps that will help you convert your audio to text but not all of them will be equally helpful and efficient. Below, you will find the list of the most effective transcription software that must be used in 2022. Choose the right option that matches all of your needs and requirements.

1. Transcriberry — your number one transcription software

Transcriberry is an innovative website providing all types of transcribing services, including audio and video to text transcription, foreign subtitles, and translation. No matter what your transcribing needs are, this service will meet them all for sure.

The good news is that you do not have to download and install any apps or software to your PC, laptop, phone, or tablet. Just use it directly in your browser. It is very convenient and user-friendly. The website is easy to navigate.

This service has a very fast turnaround time. Human and automated — pick any of these two transcriptions. What’s the difference? The difference is, actually, huge:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Accuracy
  4. Speed

The help of human experts will cost you $1.25 per minute while manual transcription will be just $0.25 per minute. The difference in quality is also important. Of course, both types use advanced speed and voice recognition technologies. However, if the quality of your audio file is not the best, you cannot count on high accuracy. The accuracy of human transcribing will be 99% and higher while that of the automated transcription will be only 80% if the quality of your file is appropriate.

Therefore, if choosing between these two types, of course, human transcribers win because they deliver the best accuracy and quality. Manual transcription allows you to upload your file, wait a bit, and simply get the result quickly. Manual transcription will be delivered within 24 hours only. It takes time to transcribe each minute of your audio and video files.

By the way, one more benefit of human transcribers is that they can convert both audio and video files. Whilst choosing the manual option, you can download only an audio file. If you need foreign subtitles for your YouTube video or podcast, you can also use this service. They can translate into more than 15 languages, so you will definitely reach your target audience very quickly.

Transcription is performed with special attention. All their equipment is innovative and all authors have many years of experience. In combination, they work perfectly well. By the way, this service also guarantees 100% confidentiality for your files, all information contained in them, and all of your personal, contact, and payment details.

This company does not require any subscriptions from you or purchasing membership plans. You only pay for every audio or video minute. Even the most complicated non-native speech is not a problem for them. Everything will be heard, recognized, and converted into a text file. Timestamps are a great bonus.

2. Scribie — your personal transcribing assistant

Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC

Just like with the previous software, this website does not have a phone app. If you work with big volumes of different files to transcribe, this service will facilitate your life and routine. This service hires freelancers who will complete your order, unlike the previous one where all professional human transcribers are full-time workers.

All you should do to have your transcribing needs met, you should only upload your video or audio recording to the Scribie website. This option is quite cheap and the accuracy is quite high. You will have to pay for each transcription minute. The cost is quite affordable. Manual transcription costs $0.80 per minute as for the time of writing. The accuracy promised is 99% and the delivery time is 36 hours.

There are some extra services to order at an extra cost. Verbatim text files will cost you an extra $0.50 per minute. It concerns noisy backgrounds, poor quality of your audio files, speakers with accents, etc. There is no free trial either.

Manual transcription is not free anymore as it used to be some time ago. Today, you need to pay $10 per minute. At the same time, they require a minimum $1 order. Automatic transcription is claimed to be at least 80% accurate. You can get your file within only 30 minutes.

3. Otter — AI-based transcription

Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC

Otter is based in California. It is one of just a few free software that allows you to transcribe your audio files. The latest version of this software is very user-friendly and functional. Thanks to Otter, you can record conversations, share and import notes, and get real-time streaming transcriptions.

This software is totally AI-based using a speaker-identification algorithm. You cannot hire professional transcriptionists here but do everything automatically on your own. The software can recognize jargon, accent, names, and voiceprint.

The accuracy of this website is not stated, however, according to users’ experiences, it does not recognize filler words, transcribes with some errors, and doesn’t identify speakers very well. If your audio file is of poor quality, you will have trouble transcribing it with this free app. It will be better to hire a human professional in this case.

It is not totally free, Otter also offers a few pricing plans. If your subscription is Basic, you will be able to have your files delivered within four hours. You will also get results in 30 minutes only when subscribing to a Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan. The Basic plan is free and it gives you up to 600 minutes per month.

Other plans will cost you $8.33 and $20. The cost of the Enterprise plan is unknown, it is necessary to contact customer support to find it out. Otter Assistant can join your Zoom meeting for different purposes. Unlike the previous software, this one has an app for iOS and Android devices. It helps to protect your privacy and guarantees full confidentiality.

4. Rev — for your speech-to-text files

Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC

Many businesses are the customers of this company. Over 60k freelancers work for them. Just like on Transcriberry, you can get not only transcription here but also captions and subtitles. Automatic live captions for Zoom are also available on this website.

Their human freelancers along with AI-based technologies will do a great job for you. You can also order transcriptions of the problematic audio files here. Even if your file is in a foreign language, it is not a problem for them. The error rate is very low, which means high accuracy.

Just like other human-performed services, Rev guarantees 99% accuracy for human work. Manual transcription also guarantees 80% accuracy if your initial file is of good quality. To get your files, you will have to wait 12 hours. If choosing manual transcription, you will have to wait just 30 minutes.

Their pricing plans are quite standard. Thus, professional transcriptions will cost you $1.25 per minute. Timestamps will cost you an extra $0.25 per 30 seconds of transcription. Manual transcription costs $0.25 per minute. Rev is well-known for its editing options and clean interface. It is Google Drive and Dropbox support. This app is also available for iOS or Android devices.

5. Trint — the best for Mac users

Top 5 Transcription Software For Your PC

If you are a proficient Mac user, this is the best software for you. However, for Windows users, it is also suitable. Transcribe your files right in your PC browser. This is not only transcribing but also an editing tool. You are even able to collaborate with other members.
It is good for its short deadlines, fast delivery, and high accuracy. If you are looking for advanced transcribing algorithms, this is it. The app is compatible with different languages and accents.

You can edit text and add captions to your video files. Add transcripts to your website with the help of Trint. There is a great app for your iPhone that allows you to transcribe on the move. The app offers multiple pricing plans:

  • Starter at $48 per month
  • Advanced at $60 per month
  • Pro at $68 per month
  • Pro Team at $68 per user per month
  • Enterprise at custom fees

These are the top 5 transcription software for your PC, browser, and even phones to use in 2022. Pick the one that fits your personal and professional needs and requirements.

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