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Technologies in Cricket for 21st Century Fans [Updated]

Technologies in Cricket for 21st Century Fans: Sports technology, particularly in cricket, has improved the way a sport is officiated and played. New technologies have emerged in cricket over the last few years with the aim to gain more clarity to umpires. In the 20th century, the focus was primarily on improving the reach of the game and enhancing it. With the technological innovations introduced in cricket, it has turned out to be one of the most-watched sports across the world.

With the changes in sports, there have been changes in the cricket betting industry, too. Betting hasn’t been the same since the start of the digital age. Previously, you had to bet using your desktop. However, now, it is possible to bet from your smartphone itself. Nowadays, all cricket betting sites have dedicated mobile apps for their users. It is very convenient as you can place the bet on your favorite team anywhere anytime. The technological advancement in the 21st century is for improving fan engagement and making the game more credible.

Now, let’s take a look at a few innovative technologies in Cricket that have improved the experience of cricket fans.

Making the Game Credible

Credibility plays a significant role in engaging a fan. Umpiring errors, particularly howlers, undergo heavy criticism at times from fans, as well as players. At times, it can change the game’s dimension. A few technologies have been introduced to bridge the gap in the real-time decision-making process.

Technologies in Cricket: Edge Detection or Snicko

UltraEdge from Hawk-Eye or Real-time Snicko from BBG Sports functions on the principle of sound frequencies for determining if the ball has touched the bat prior to being caught. The technology uses a stump microphone that is connected to an oscilloscope for measuring sound waves. Thereafter, the sound wave is filtered out to detect ambient noise, in sync with video signals that are played along with slow-motion videos making it easier for the third umpire to make the call.

Technologies in Cricket: Ball Tracking

Hawk-Eye innovations, ball-tracking technology uses 6 cameras that are placed around the ground in certain locations for covering the whole trajectory of the ball from the hand of the bowler to stop at 1/100th second intervals. In the images, the ball is identified, and then experts calculate its position from the ground using the triangulation method. The images are then synced for creating a 3D visualization ball path prediction for use in the analysis by viewers and umpires. Close leg-by-wicket calls can be judged better through Hawk-eye visualizations.

Technologies in Cricket for 21st Century Fans

Technologies in Cricket: Hot Spot

It is a technology that has been introduced by BBG sports in the 2006 Ashes series by using two infrared cameras. They placed them on opposite sides of the ground, close to the sightscreen ensuring it gives a clear view of the batsman. As soon as the ball hits the batsman’s equipment, friction will lead to local heat due to friction between the objects. Then the region is shown as a white spot on the infrared image. On the basis of the analysis, the umpire declared out or not out.

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Making the Game Enjoyable

Bird’s Eye View

Spidercam GmbH has designed Spidercam that can move in three axes, vertical, horizontal, and rotary axis. This gives a birds-eye view of the cricket match and that too, in angels that you haven’t ever witnessed before through standard cameras. Kevlar cables are used for suspending the camera and are managed motorized winches placed in 4-roof corners. A pilot handles the camera via software and commands are communicated through a fiber optic cable that is attached with Kevlar cables.

Players and Gaming Graphics

Animations and 3D graphics have added more fun to how data is analyzed and presented to sports fans. There are many companies that operate in the graphic and analytics space. 3D models of the players in the game and after-match commentaries offering interesting methods to visualize tactics, skill, and performance of the teams and players.

Flying Cameras

Batcam’s drone camera was used in ICC World Cup 2019. The cameras give a 360-degree viewing angle and are used for capturing shots from ground level to the skyline. It can be controlled remotely.

Power Shot Analysis

Spekatacom’e PowerBat technology offers real-time feedback on batting performance, including data on bat speed, twist, launch angle, impact location, and power behind each shot. It comes with unobtrusive ultra-lightweight sensors that are placed behind the bat for computing the batting metrics with the help of a learning algorithm. This is then shared in real-time broadcasting. So, the audience gets to understand what power-hitting means.

Technologies in Cricket for 21st Century Fans


The 21st century has seen a tremendous change dictated by the technology around us. Cricket experts are turning to technology in order to make the right calls and reduce umpiring errors. However, the spectators are also benefiting from these technologies.

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