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6 Suggestions to Get More Out of Your Apple Devices [Updated]

6 Suggestions to Get More Out of Your Apple Devices
6 Suggestions to Get More Out of Your Apple Devices

6 Suggestions to Get More Out of Your Apple Devices: MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads are the standout devices manufactured by Apple. They are popular worldwide, and more and more people are beginning to appreciate the value of these devices.

However, for someone who is not too tech-savvy, getting their hands on an Apple for the first time might leave some people a bit dumbfounded. There is so much to learn, and while the experience using computers and mobile devices come with time, not everyone wants to wait for too long.

This article provides 6 suggestions that new Apple device owners should find quite handy. Learn from the list below, and you should get better at using the devices faster than expected.

6 Suggestions to Get More Out of Your Apple Devices

Install Updates

A notification about an update should be taken seriously. As soon as you see one, do not hesitate and prioritize the update because OS updates, even if they are small, provide a lot of value. It makes extra sense to update the device if the version switch is major.

Many people think of operating system updates as something that improves the overall performance of a device, but that is not all. Some patches also come with extra security layers and work as a means to fight off the latest viruses and other cybersecurity threats.

New features are also a nice addition. Speaking of Apple’s devices, a good example of improvements could be new functions for Apple’s digital assistant Siri. Early on, it could only do as little as call a contact or do a quick search on Google, but Siri has come a long way since its early days.

Keep an Eye on the Battery Lifespan

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have a battery that you need to charge regularly if you want to use these devices.

However, the problem with a battery’s lifespan is that it might run out sooner than you would like, and this can happen more often for people with limited experience.

For starters, you do not want to overcharge the device. Once the battery reaches 100 percent, unplug the cord.

Next, do not run background processes. For smartphones and tablets, it is easy to close background applications, but a MacBook has a lot of different processes running simultaneously. On a Mac, check Activity Monitor and figure out which apps you can quit and which are mandatory for optimal performance.

Check Available Applications

One of the biggest benefits of owning an Apple device is to get access to a plethora of different applications available on the official store. Sure, there are a few neat tools, like Time Machine, iMovie, or Spotlight, that are part of the system and come with the device, but the real value lies in the app store.

If you were to browse it, you would notice that there are plenty of different categories, ranging from lifestyle to entertainment. Some applications are free, and some require a one-time fee or a monthly subscription.

The bottom line is that you can and should optimize how you use Apple devices with available applications.

Consider Accessories

MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones are great by themselves, but they can be even better if you were to get an accessory or two. Different devices have different accessories, obviously, but some stand out a lot or are universal.

AirPods are perhaps the best example of how you can use an Apple accessory for multiple devices. If you like to listen to the music of high quality, a pair of AirPods provides a great experience, particularly since they are wireless.

If you own a MacBook, a cooling pad is another accessory example worth a shout. Some Mac owners struggle with the device because it is overheating due to resource-heavy applications, and a cooling pad could solve the problem.

A computer mouse pad that replaces a trackpad is another example of a valuable accessory. You might think that getting a computer mouse is redundant when you can just use a trackpad, but not everyone is too keen to rely on a laptop’s trackpad.

Manage Storage

Running out of storage space is a problem that can happen when you least expect it. Take iPhones, for instance. While the most recent models have decent available storage, you can still clutter it by taking too many pictures or downloading files.

Another thing to note about the storage is that you need to manage it constantly. Not only is it necessary to delete redundant files frequently, but you also have to consider allocating some files to external storage, such as USB flash sticks and iCloud.

Take Care of Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Overall, the problems with cybersecurity are not that common for Apple device users due to how secure the devices are. It also helps if owners are careful about how they use the devices.

Having said that, it does not mean that you can simply ignore potential issues. The odds are small, but they still exist, and you need to be wary of malware and viruses. If you do not, then expect to encounter issues, such as slow device performance or loss of data.


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