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Skribbl.io Hacks 2022: Auto Draw | Auto Guesser [Updated]

Skribbl.io is one of the most popular games on the internet. The interesting part of the game is that you can play it with your family and friends too. It is believed that Skribbl.io has a very positive impact on your IQ level. And after playing for a long time you will find this game more interesting and engaging.

In Skribbl.io there are two parts a drawer or a guesser. When you are in a drawer you will have a short time to visualize and Draw a chosen word. Then the other players will guess and write the answer in the chatbox. When you are a guesser you will guess the other player’s drawing. If you have answered your questions correctly, then you will earn points. Here are some Skribbl.io hacks 2022 that will be helpful for the players.

What Is Skribbl.io?

Name: Skribbl.io
Developer: ticedev
Downloads: 200,000+
Category: Fun
Web Game

Skribbl.io is a free multiplayer sketching and guessing game that can be played online. Actually, it’s a Pictionary-style game played online which was released in the year 2015. The game consists of multiple rounds and in each round one player Draws a chosen word while the other guesses. And if the guess is correct then the player earns a point. The faster you guess the more point you get. The time limit of the round is 80 seconds i.e., each player gets 80 seconds to guess the answer, and the other player also gets 80 seconds to visualize and draw the chosen word.

Skribbl.io Hacks 2022: Auto Draw | Auto Guesser [Updated]

Skribbl.io is a great way to improve your learning skills. It not only enhances your vocabulary but also helps you improve your thinking capacity. Because it continuously adds new words to your game. Still, it is true that Guessing and visualizing, and drawing within 80 seconds is not at all easy But once you start to play this game and try to overcome the challenges it will be a game you will fall for. At first, people generally avoid this type of game, as they don’t want to face the challenges. If one started to overcome the challenges they will find it really entertaining. One should definitely play this game without the hacks.

Why skribbl.io is So famous?

Skribbl.io is no doubt a very popular game and there are several reasons behind its popularity. The basic reason behind the popularity of the game is that you can play the game through your Computer, Laptop, Mobile, and tablets. The other popular games like PUBG and COD need a high featured mobile or device. On the other hand, Skribbl.io is very easy to access.

Skribbl.io is not only an entertaining game but it also increases your creativity. By guessing and drawing you can learn many new things. As you have to guess the drawings in this game, it helps to enhance your thinking capacity. Apart from the amazing features of the game this game is available in many languages like – Hindi, Italian, Arabic, Korean, and many other languages. If you haven’t played Skribbl.io then I suggest you play it for once at least.

What is scribble.io Hack? How to hack scribble.io?

Skribbl.io Hacks 2022: Auto Draw | Auto Guesser [Updated]

Skirbbl.io Game tests your intelligence and your skills. Some of the players somehow could not guess all the drawn pictures. They don’t get satisfied with their points. So, they search for the Skribbl.io hacks.

Skribbl.io auto drawer and auto guesser are perfect for the unversed. There isn’t any better way to impress the other players and increase your points. Once you started to use these hacks, you will become unbeatable. This is the smartest way to improve your score. Not only that it will also help to avoid verbal abuse in your chatbox. There are few people who verbally abuse you in the chatbox as they couldn’t defeat you. You can mute their chat and avoid such people.

When you started to search Skribbl.io in any browser you will see lots of options for you. As this game is played on a browser you find a lot of developers have created Mozilla Firefox and Chrome extensions to decode this game. After installation of the extensions, you will be informed when the other player will choose the options. Even when the player will start to draw on the screen, you will already know the answer. So, your answers will be 100% right without any doubt.

Skribbl.io Hacks

There are many Skribbl.io hacks on the internet. I don’t want to waste your time by mentioning all the hacks available on the internet. So, I will be sharing the information on the useful Skribbl.io hacks which will ultimately help you to increase your points and will be useful in 2022.

1. Skribbl.io Auto Drawer hacks 2022 –

Skribbl.io Auto Drawer hack is very easy to use. In this whole process, you just have to search for a suitable image on Google and just drag it to the Drawing box and the drawing will be done by the bot.

How to install Skribbl.io Auto Drawer –

After downloading the Skribbl.io auto draw hack, extract it by any file extractor and add it to Google Chrome Extensions. here are the steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome from your Computer or Laptop, then click the “three dots” at the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. As the list opens now you need to click on the “More tools” option then click on “Extension”. It will lead you to Chrome extensions.
  3. Now click on the Developer Mode option on the upper right corner of your screen. Now click on the upper left corner on “Load Unpacked”.
  4. Find the extracted file of “Skribbl.io auto draw” click on the three folders it contains and click on the select folder options.

Hurrah!! You have done it. You have enabled the Auto drawer. Now you are ready to win.

2. Skribbl.io Auto Guesser Hack –

Skribbl.io Hacks 2022: Auto Draw | Auto Guesser [Updated]

To play Skribbl.io you need to have a very good guessing power. If your ability to guess things is not so good, then don’t worry, Skribbl.io Auto guesser is just for you. It is very similar to Skribbl.io Auto Draw Hack. It is a chrome extension. It works by automatically guessing the drawing. After choosing this hack it shows every answer possible for a drawing in the game. Now without any delay, we will share the information about this wonderful Skribbl.io hack.

How to install Skribbl.io Auto Guesser Hack-

  1. First, you need to go to the Tempermonkey.
  2. Go to Add extension option and then click on add to Chrome.
  3. After seeing the text removed from chrome, close the tab.
  4. Now go to the Skribbl hack page within Github then scroll it down and click on the URL under the installation subheading.
  5. Now click on the install button and you need to close the tab after it is done.
  6. Now below the chatbox tick the Auto Guesser.


Skribbl.io is a fun game to play. As you can play this game with your family and friends this will be a good time spending game for you. As in this game, your family and friends are involved, this will create a lot of memory with them. This game will also increase your skills and your creativity. The One who wants to enhance his/ her vocabulary and improve their stock of words should avoid the hacks.

As per our suggestion try not to use these hacks so much in your game, it will not help to develop your IQ level. Still, if you just want to be the winner in this game you can use these two Skribbl.io hacks 2022 to win your game. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely win the game like a pro.

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