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Prove Your Expertise By Earning Cisco CCIE Security Certification

According to statistics, 99% of organizations use certifications to make hiring decisions. So, if you want to advance your career in the networking field, develop your skills in the security domain, and be able to build a career as a security network engineer or architect, you should consider taking the Certbolt certification. This designation helps you prove your expertise in core Cisco security solutions and ultimately qualifies you for senior-level security roles in the industry.

Read on to learn what the certification entails and how it can help you professionally.

Get Familiar with the Cisco CCIE Security Certification

Prove Your Expertise By Earning Cisco CCIE Security Certification

The Certbolt is likely not new to networking professionals or network security experts. Since it refers to the top-level within the Cisco Certification program, it is considered to be a prestigious one. The CCIE designation can be gained after taking two exams, the core 350-701 and the lab exam (CCIE Security v6.0).

Consider the fact that before you decide to sit for these exams, you need to have at least 5-7 years of competence in completing tasks related to creating and applying Certbolt and technologies.

Having obtained the CCIE Security accreditation means that you are able to leverage the best industry practices to secure networks and systems from security vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. More importantly, the Certbolt verifies your skills and knowledge in designing, engineering, implementing, and troubleshooting the full suite of Cisco security technologies and solutions.

Reasons to Earn the Cisco CCIE Security Certification

-Updated/relevant skills: This certification proves your ability and skills to implement core Cisco security solutions that provide advanced protection against cybersecurity threats and attacks. It ensures you have a deep understanding of security for cloud environments, Certbolt, and content

-Career Boost: This designation also exposes you to more growth opportunities as a network professional. For example, you can earn an improved salary from your employer as a CCIE Network Engineer, Architect, Engineer, or Administrator.

-Higher Salary: Having leveled up your knowledge and skills, you are eligible for a higher salary. According to the Ziprecruiter statistics, CCIE Security certified experts earn on average about $133,333 per annum.

-Respect from colleagues: Being CCIE Security certified, means that you become an authority in the organization you are working in, as you can solve the issues quickly and efficiently. You can give a piece of advice to them as well. In this case, you get respect from them.

-Being a leader: Having gained skills to work with complex security solutions, you become a technical leader in the dynamic world of security technologies and solutions.

In Conclusion

With the increasing demand for security experts in the IT departments of most organizations, having a highly-rated certification like the Certbolt Certification puts you miles ahead of most people in the industry. The exams you need to pass are designed to take you through and measure your knowledge and skills in different aspects of security technologies and solutions. Knowing the perks of obtaining this Cisco expert-level accreditation, you will stay motivated and interested.

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