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PouchPASS: Monitor Your Body Temperature Any Time [Updated]

PouchNATION is the leader in crowd management technologies, launched PouchPASS to track your body temperature in real-time, making its first step into the health industry.

PouchPASS Wristband is an innovative and accurate tool that continuously tracks your body Temperature. Utilizing sensors technology, PouchPASS will record body temperatures and continuously sync temperature data while coupled with the PouchPASS application. Importantly, PouchPASS wearable technology allow for contact tracing, and early detection of fever. It is a great tool that will help to mitigate COVID-19 transmission by allowing both households and businesses to perform their own health screening checks.

About PouchNATION

This Singaporean-based company is SEA’s Leader in Crowd Management Technologies, is an event solutions provider that develops solutions for the events industry, such as NFC-based systems, RFID enabled cashless payments, geolocation, ticketing, POS development, and more.

It has 6 physical offices across the world, & has successfully sold millions of wearables devices across different industries (mass gatherings, hospitality, etc.) and established itself as the market leader in the space.

As Coronavirus is transforming the world rapidly, PouchNATION integrated into its wearable technology a Body Temperature Sensor to allow all businesses and households to do Health Screening checks. The vision is to promote a safe and healthy environment both at home and at work powered by the latest of the art contactless IoT technology.

PouchPASS: Key Features

  • Using a sophisticated calibration algorithm and a state of the art sensor, PouchPASS provides with high-accuracy body temperature data every minute.
  • The data is synchronized in real-time with your online dashboard via a mobile phone device and/ or a local Bluetooth network.
  • Alerts for high body temperature and low battery levels will pop-up on your application or dashboard automatically.
  • All data is stored on the cloud and treated with extremely high privacy standards.
  • PouchBAND is both water and dust resistant, with no charging required, making it comfortable to wear
  • The PouchBAND is powered by a lithium coin battery, which lasts through months of uninterrupted use.
  • PouchBAND Plus comes with an RFID microchip that integrates NFC. This integrates access control, attendance records, cashless payments, and more onto the device.
  • The attractive bracelet, PouchBAND, comes in 3 sizes:
  1. Small (11-16cm) – for kids
  2. Medium (15-20cm)
  3. Large (18-23cm)
PouchPASS: Monitor Your Body Temperature Any Time
Image Credits: Official Site PouchPASS

All About PouchPASS

  1. Track your body temperature continuously without interpersonal contact. Record your temperature readings in your own personal diary.
  2. Mobile App Available in iOS and Android app stores for free.
  3. Record your health symptoms and store them in your diary. Monitor your loved ones through the watch list feature (members’ consent required for privacy protection).
  4. If You buy a large quantity of this product for your organization, you can set-up an online dashboard to import all the members belonging to your organization. Monitor their temperature in realtime using the dashboard.
  5. Install Bluetooth gateway at your business location to capture the wristband data without the need for the mobile phone.
  6. A larger institution? Need to know contact history? This is all possible as long as you adhere to our very stringent privacy policy.
  7. PouchPASS’s unique intelligent calibration algorithm allows the thermal sensor to generate high-accuracy data measurement. This is the heart of PouchPASS’s robust application system, providing reliability of temperature measurements.
  8. The bracelet’s “sleeve” is made from hypoallergenic silicone and polycarbonates (PC), which gives a smooth surface feel with flexibility, thus making it comfortable to wear. Attached to the bracelet is a removable, Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) beacon with a clinical-grade digital temperature sensor.
  9. PouchBAND is 100% water and dust resistant—can be used whilst washing the dishes or even while showering. The PouchBAND is powered by one replaceable CR2032 Lithium coin battery which will see users through months of uninterrupted use – no charging required.
  10. Users will have full transparency on which information is being shared and will also have the ability to change the settings at any time. PouchPASS values your privacy – you are in control of the personal data you share.
PouchPASS: Monitor Your Body Temperature Any Time
Image Credits: Official Site PouchPASS

PouchPASS Set-Up

1. Individual Set-Up

When you get your first PouchBAND you need to download the free app set up the product which takes only a few minutes:

Step 1: Download PouchPASS mobile app from iOS or Android App stores.

Step 2: Create an account and pair your PouchBAND.

Step 3: Put on your wristband and start measuring your temperature anytime / anywhere.

PouchPASS: Monitor Your Body Temperature Any Time
Image Credits: Official Site PouchPASS

PouchPASS mobile app will send you automatic alerts & notifications that can be very useful when tracking your body temperature & also your loved ones, especially for kids and the elderly.

Business & Larger Organization Set-up

If you want to buy a large number of PouchBAND for your business, you can set-up a web dashboard that will extremely be handy to manage all the data that will be received from the members of the organization.

Step 1: Register online at PouchPASS.com

Step 2: Add members of your organization to your online dashboard

Step 3: monitor daily temperature & symptom records of all members of the organization as well as see members profiles and contact history (members approval required for Privacy)

PouchPASS: Monitor Your Body Temperature Any Time
Image Credits: Official Site PouchPASS

Will PouchPASS Become The Next Big Thing?

Part of PouchPASS’s appeal is that it is currently a voluntary private purchase, not a mandatory technology dictated by the state.

If it can deliver on its promises, the benefits of tracking technologies like PouchPASS may outweigh the potential cost of privacy for some users. However, concerns about data leaks and misuse will continue to dog tracking technology.

Moreover, beyond being a temperature-taking device, it offers plenty of other features like contactless payments which Singapore and other cashless nations will appreciate.

At the end of the day, watching people don multi-colored PouchBANDs around may become commonplace as the pandemic wears on.

After all, there’s more than enough space in the industry for PouchPASS.

Visit https://pouchpass.com/ for more details.

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