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Nearby Share: Google’s Own Nearby Sharing For Android 6+ [Updated]

  • Nearby Share for Android is similar to Apple’s AirDrop.
  • You can use this feature between the people in your contact list.
  • Nearby Shearing is available to select users through the Play Services beta right now.
  • You can easily share content both online and offline.
  • Safely send and receive important files with those you around.
  • Chromebook users are also able to transfer files by using this feature between the Android device.

For a long decade, Android users were waiting to have a nearby sharing option on their Android smartphone like Apple’s AirDrop. Now, Google has finally developed his own AirDrip alternative for Android called Nearby Share that allows easily and quickly transfer files, docs, media & many more via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC between two android devices that run Android 6.0 or above.

Google launched this beta feature in June 2020. The below video is for how to use Nearby Share to transfer photos, videos, links, docs, and many more between two android devices.

What is Nearby Share for Android?

Nearby Sharing is a new sharing option for Android users that allows transferring a variety of files, docs, multimedia, and many more with other Android devices that are near them. You can only share with this feature when you are close to the person you want to share with. The ‘Nearby Share’ is a good option for sharing files when users are in close proximity rather than email or texting.

How does Nearby Share work?

Nearby Sharing also uses the Bluetooth connection to create a peer-to-peer network connection between the devices. You don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi or a data pack to use Nearby Share. You do have to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, however. You can also use Nearby Share even when you are completely offline.

Does my phone support Nearby Share?

This feature works with those devices that support the Android 6+ version. But now, Google lunches this as a beta version for testing purposes. That’s why some selected Pixel or Samsung devices support Nearby Share.

I tried this feature on my Samsung Galaxy M31 and it worked. To use Nearby Sharing, you have to install the Google Play Services beta on your phone. Once the update is available, you will be able to install it in minutes.

How to enable Nearby Sharing on your smartphone?

To get this feature, you have to enroll for Google Play Services Beta programming and after enrolling you have to do the below steps.

How to enroll in Google play service beta program

Visit the Google play service beta program website and click on the ‘Become a Tester‘ button. After enrollment, download the beta update for the play service.

Point to be noted that you can leave the beta version anytime and install the public version of the play service.

Step by step process to enable Nearby Sharing

1. Head to the Setting of your phone & tap on the Google option.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

2. Scroll down & tap on ‘Device Connection’.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

3. Then tap on the ‘Nearby Option’.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

4. Then click on the toggle to enable this feature.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

How to share files using the Nearby Sharing option

Before using the below steps make sure that both smartphones have the Nearby Sharing feature.

1. Navigate to the content which you want to share.

2. Tap on the share button & choose Nearby Share.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

3. You need to tap on the ‘Turn on’.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

4. Make sure that both devices are in close proximity.

5. You need to wait for the sender to detect the sender’s smartphone.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android

6. Once detect tap on it.

7. It will then ask to ‘Accept’ to start the transfer process.

Nearby Share: Google's Own Nearby Sharing For Android


Keep in mind that you can only use Nearby Share with people in your contacts list. Additionally, you can only share files when your contact has verified their Google account with a phone number. So yes, Nearby Share isn’t as simple as AirDrop.

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