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Minecraft 1.18 Download Free Download

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – latest full version This is a first-person 3D sandbox game where the player can do anything, and this is developed by Markus Persson. Players can create an unusual structure of their own, build their own settle, fight demons, do mining, tame an animal, and so on.

The players have complete freedom of action. There are several modes like survival, adventure, creative, hardcore, and observation mode. This game is a universe of daily crafting, creating various armor and sword, various tools for building and mining, create a way to hell! Play together with your buddies and take part in all game events, and find new and interesting content.

In the last ten years, the game is included many contents like – new blocks, mobs, and many other features. You can design and create many complex structures and can discover crazy mechanisms that are in your mind. I have mentioned a few of the many reasons why you should download Minecraft 1.18 download free download for your Android, iOS, or any other device.

Some Features: Minecraft 1.18 Download Free Download

  1. Almost infinite, first-person 3D sandbox game that is different each time.
  2. New blocks, mobs, and many other features for the game.
  3. Universe of daily crafting, creating various armor and sword, various tools for building and mining.
  4. Different game modes: Survival, adventure, creative, hardcore, and observation mode.
  5. Play with your friends on private, modded, or local servers.
  6. Players can play on any modern device.
  7. A friendly and massive community of players.

Minecraft 1.18.32 Release

Minecraft 1.18 Download Free Download

Mojang Studios have released the next update of Minecraft PE 1.18.32. In this update, major errors from previous versions have been fixed, as well as a new location and mob have been added.

Ancient City

This is the most interesting and mysterious city a Minecraft 1.18.32 that players can find in the Dark Depths biome. Treasure chests can be found around the outer portion of the city. However, Steve has to be careful: the chests are well guarded by Sculk Shrinkers and different acoustic sensors.

Also, a new building block called Deepslate, appears in the Ancient City. So far, it is available only in the creative mode.


Minecraft 1.18 Download Free Download

The weirdest and most horrible mob, they all are natives of Deep Dark Biome, gets new features in each update. The developers of Minecraft PE always want to make their image more and more dangerous and complex.

In Minecraft PE 1.18.32, there are some new features – now he can’t see anyone. but he has a great power to smell and hear. So if there is a mod approaching a player, it is better to hide. It is enough to wait only 60 seconds and you can continue moving.


There are many unusual burning blocks available in Minecraft PE 1.18. These burning blocks have no practical use but players can use these for decoration. It can be in different shades: green, ochre, and purple.

When you change the textures of it, they began to look more enchanting.

Many amphibians, frogs, and tadpoles are native to Swamp biomes. With the help of frogs, you can get a froglight. But you have to feed the creature with magma to get the block.

Errors correction

In addition to many features, Minecraft PE 1.18.32 developers have also fixed bugs. Now if the player loads a world from older versions, the creatures do not disappear but are transferred along with the worlds. The generation of the Ender cities has also been fixed.

Minecraft 1.18 Download Free Download

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