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Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills 2022 [Updated]

Math apps allow kids a chance to discuss math conception without solving a problem or coming up with an answer. They simply introduce these concepts in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.

So does solve a math problem feel like waging a war against an army of zombies? Well, it obviously does. But, fortunately, with a wide range of free math apps and paid maths subscription to your rescue, cracking Maths questions is no longer Da Vinci’s mystery. Here we round up some best maths apps to help kids of all ages with their mathematical understanding and best of all, all these math learning games are actually fun!

Discover the best math apps for kids – perfect for kindergarten and elementary school children to learn basic arithmetic concepts such as addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, number sense, fractions, geometry, algebra, and so on. Young kids will develop number recognition and early math skills such as basic addition, while older kids can work on algebra and calculus. There is a list of best math apps for adults who play challenging math games in order to keep their minds sharp as they grow older.

These maths apps teach kids about why maths is so important in everyday life too. Some of the below apps are specifically designed to target the math domains and standards required for Elementary, Middle, and High School students following the Common Core State Standards for Maths. Other few maths apps are designed to follow the programs of study for the England National Curriculum. Everyone solves math problems differently, and conventional education methods may not be the best way to a learner’s understanding.

Here is the list of fun, vibrant, and engaging top 10 math apps to help children improve their numeracy skills.

Math Apps For Android: MyScript Calculator 2

Price: $2.99

MyScript Calculator 2 is simple and intuitive enough that you can just write on the screen the mathematical expression then let the app solve the equations for you in real-time.

MyScript Calculator 2 lets you perform math operations using just your handwriting. Get math problems solution in real-time with the MyScript Calculator 2. This math solver app can reinforce math skills and boost confidence when it’s used to check math calculations. Young kids can practice number formation. Older kids work on properly lining up equations before solving them. May motivate children to participate more in math, especially if they prefer technology over the use of a pencil and paper. With the Myscript calculator, write your math problems on the screen and the result is immediately displayed. Easily edit your math problems using overwrite, strikethrough, and scratch-out gestures.

Complex problems of trigonometry, logarithms, and percentages have never been so easy to solve.

Age: 11 to 18+


Math Apps For Android: Khan Academy

Price: Free

Khan Academy is one of the more traditional math apps. It lets you review and re-learn math (and other subjects) in a course-like environment. The app includes over 10,000 videos, 40,000 questions, and tons of different types of math. That includes stats, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic, and many more. You can take and retake as many of the same courses as you want to learn new things or as a refresher for stuff you used to know. Khan Academy’s best feature is its price. It’s completely free to use forever. That makes it a must for math apps.

Age: 13 to 18+


Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills!

Math Apps For Android: Photomath

Price: Free / Up to $9.99

Photomath is a free app for Android which offers you a quick and easy solution to math problems using your Android smartphone.

Math problems can be a daunting task sometimes but with this app, the task of finding the solution for the math problems can be very simple. Just use the app with your camera and the answer to the problem will be shown quickly together with the detailed solution and step-by-step instructions on how to compute for the problem.

The app supports a plethora of math problems from simple arithmetic to complex equations, fractions, trigonometry, algebraic expressions, and integrals just to name a few.

Download Photomath now and easily solves math problems right on your smartphone.

Age: 13 to 18+


Math Apps For Android: Brainly

Price: Free

Brainly is a social networking app for students. It lets people ask questions from homework assignments. Other members answer the questions with explanations on how the problem works. It works for more than just math. However, we imagine quite a few of the problems there are math-related. Supported education levels include elementary school through some college. It really depends on what people on the network know. It’s a free app and service. Check the Google Play Store description for a full list of available topics and subjects.

Age: 12 to 18


Brainly screenshot 2020 1340x754 1 scaled

Math Apps For Android: Wolfram Alpha

Price: Free / $3.28

Get instant expert-level information from the incredible Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine with the WolframAlpha app for Android.

WolframAlpha feeds your hunger for universal knowledge anywhere you go as long as you have an Internet connection. Leveraging the power of Wolfram|Alpha, the app provides knowledge from thousands of fields, allowing you to ask a question in a natural language without having to fumble with keywords or search filters.

With WolframAlpha, you can do anything from solving difficult crossword puzzles, to analyze calculus and trigonometry problems, and even learn how much Vitamin C there is in a scoop of ice cream!

Age: 15 to 18+


Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills!

Math Apps For Android: Socratic

Price: Free

Socratic is one of the newer math apps. Well, technically, it covers a variety of subjects. It works a lot like Photomath. You take a picture of your homework problem. The app spits out results, explanations, a step-by-step process to solve the problem, and more. It even includes video examples in some cases. Like most, there is a ceiling when it comes to how complex the problem can be. However, it should work for most people. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases. Google purchased and re-released the app in 2020 so we link to Google’s version now.

Age: 9 to 18+


Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills!

Math Apps For Android: Komodo Math

Price: Free

Designed by teachers for families, Komodo builds a solid foundation in maths for children aged 5 to 11. A qualified maths teacher will personalize a learning plan for your child.

A maths teacher sets up each user’s baseline in the app and parents define the rewards. Children then engage in little-and-often practice to raise their maths knowledge and skill.

Komodo’s focus is on mastering arithmetic and mental math/maths because this is the key platform for future success in mathematics. It takes the learner through counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication – including times tables, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, and many more essential topics.

Age: 5 to 11


Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills!

Math Apps For Android: HiPER Scientific Calculator

Price: Free / $3.49

HiPER is an excellent scientific calculator. This one should work for grade school and collegiate level mathematics. The free version features ten digits along with three exponential digits. The premium version increases that to 100 regular digits and nine exponential digits. That’s insane. Some other features include complex numbers, conversion among 200 units, support for fractions, and tons of other stuff. We used to recommend RealCalc. However, HiPER takes the cake overall. It’s arguably the best scientific calculator on Google Play. The premium version is a single $3.49 and we think that’s reasonable.

Age: 12 to 18+



Math Apps For Android: Desmos Graphing Calculator

Price: Free

The graphing calculator in your hands in Desmos Graphing Calculator for Android.

Desmos Graphing Calculator is an app where universal math literacy is achievable through making math enjoyable and accessible right on your Android device. This is a graphing calculator that has a blazing fast math engine and can plot any equation, from lines and parabolas through derivatives and Fourier series.

There is no limit to the number of expressions you can graph, sliders to adjust values, tables, show maximums, minimums, and points of intersections, see coordinates, zooming, stats, and more.

The app also doubles as a scientific calculator and can be used offline.

Get ready to equate graphs with Desmos Graphing Calculator for Android.

Age: 13 to 18


Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills!

Math Apps For Android: Mathway

Price: Free

Mathway is a free app for Android which lets you try to solve math problems quickly and easily.

The app can help you solve math problems from simple calculations to the most abstract such as basic math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and statistics. The app is very easy to use, just type your math problems or take a photo of the problem then crop it to let the app know which is to process accurately, then get an instant solution to the problem.

The app appeals mostly to students, providing difficult math problems with instant detailed solutions coupled with how the app arrived with the answer letting you learn also in the process.

Download Mathway and get instant answers to your math problems.

Age: 10 to 18+


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