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Kormo Jobs By Google: Google’s Own Job Site 2022 [Updated]

  • Google has developed this app to provide jobs to thousands of people who have lost their job during this Corona Pandemic.
  • This app was launched in Bangladesh in 2018 and after that in Indonesia.
  • But now this app is separately launched in India on 19th Aug that is called ‘Kormo Jobs‘.
  • This app will help people to get entry-level jobs and to gain more skills & create CVs.

The tech giant Google launched Kormo Jobs on Wednesday 19th Aug 2020. This is a completely separate app developed for job seekers in India. The Coronavirus Pandemic has snatched jobs from many people. That’s why Google comes forward to provide jobs to Indian youth who have lost their jobs. Also this a great platform for young professionals who are looking for jobs.

Google launched this app earlier in Bangladesh in 2018 & after that in Indonesia. Now it is launched in India to support employment efforts in the post-pandemic world. Google in his blog post “We are bringing our Kormo Jobs Android App in India to help more even job seekers to discover & apply various vacancies in industries & service sectors.

Kormo Jobs By Google: Google's Own Job Site 2020

Kormo Jobs By Google

There are many entry-level jobs with a guided experience through a job interview. You can personalize your job recommendations from various reputed employers based on your interest, location, and qualification. You can create & download your digital resume or CV. It takes a few steps to start your Kormo Jobs profile-

Once you signed up in Kormo Jobs by Google, then you will get access to:

  • Fresh personalized jobs from reputed employers
  • Real-time tracking & fast updates on job applications
  • Easy interview scheduling directly through the app
  • A free digital resume that’s yours to keep
  • New skilling content to help you learn and earn more

Kormo jobs by google focus on jobs in Retail, Logistics, Hospitality, and Services and offers many entry-level jobs such as retail sales associate, delivery and warehouse operations, and customer service representative.

Google also revealed that companies like Zomato and Dunzo posted over 2 million jobs since this platform was launched. It is a good thing that many jobless youths can apply here & get a job.

Kormo jobs by google are made for Android users & can be downloaded from Play Store. Google also said that it will rebrand the Jobs Spot on Google Pay to Kormo Jobs. Bickey Russell who is the regional manager and operations lead at Kormo Jobs said that the company will continue introducing new features and jobs to this app in the future.

How To Download Kormo jobs by google

Kormo Jobs is introduced by Google. So, naturally, it will be available in Google Play Store. You can download & install it on your Android phone easily.

Download From Play Store

Important Things On Google Job App

  1. Kormo App was firstly introduced in Bangladesh & then in Indonesia. It has become a great job platform & helps many job seekers to find a relevant job.
  2. This application offers users to get entry-level job opportunities & learn more skills and create a CV.
  3. Google had also made Kormo App available in India under the brand Jobs as a Spot on its payment application – Google Pay.
  4. In our country (India), employers like Zomato and Dunzo have posted over 2 million jobs in finding candidates with the required skills, experience, and location preferences.

Kormo Jobs By Google: Google's Own Job Site 2020

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