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How to Play Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

Skribbl.io is an entertaining and interesting game. You can call this game an online version of Pictionary. In this game either you are a drawer or a guesser. Skribbl.io can be played with your family and friends too as it is a multiplayer game. The players believe that this game is good for their IQ level and it helps you to develop your skills as well. Now I guess you are quite curious to know how to play Skribbl.io? Well, we will discuss the ways to play Skribbl.io. So, without any further delay let us tell you about the game.

What is Skribbl.io?

How to Play Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

Skribbl.io is a free online game. This game can be played with your family members and friends too. It is actually an online version of Pictionary. So, it is a fun game to play with your loved ones as well as popular among today’s generation. Its popularity is worldwide. There are several rounds in this game. At a time you are either a drawer or a guesser. When you are a drawer then you will have to draw a particular chosen word and when you are a guesser you will have to guess the word within a certain time. If you can guess it correctly, then you will score some points. So, let us inform you how to play Skribbl.io.

To play skribbl.io you need to follow a few steps at first. If you do the steps correctly you learn how to play skribbl.io.

How to Play Skribbl.io –

How to Play Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

STEP – 1:

a) At first, you need to download the game. When you will go to the searching option and type “Skribbl.io”, as a result, you will see many sites. You will see skribbl.io (the official website), then just click on the link and you can download skribbl.io from this website. Apart from this website, you will see many other websites on the internet but not all of them are safe. So choose the site for the game installation very wisely.

b) After you download Skribbl.io from the official website, now you open it. After you open the site the first step is to create a game name for your player. You should not share your personal details in the game as Skribbl.io is a public game. You don’t want your personal detail to display on a public game. So choose a game name for your character but make sure the name should be small. Because Skribbl.io can’t use a long name in the game. If you don’t pick a name for your gaming character then Skribbl.io will put a name automatically and that random name will not look good.

c) After choosing a name for your character, now choose a suitable language. Now Skribbl.io is available in many languages, including Arabic, Germany, Korean, Hindi, Danish, and a lot more. So now you can choose a language as per your preference. In the language you will choose, you will find the players who speak the same language.

d) You can decide how your player will look on screen. There are some features provided for the player by which they can modify your player’s look. The tools help you to change the eyes, mouth, and color of the player. So click on the arrows and modify the face of your player monster. If it does not matter to you what how the monster looks like, then you can simply press die in the corner and it will create a random look for your monster.
Now you are set to join the game. So, without bothering the other players just join straight away. When you are joining the game as a formality you can say “Hi” to other players.

STEP – 2 :

a) As you know Skribbl.io is a multiplayer game and it has a few rounds. So when you start to play it is important that you should be very calm. As it has two parts Drawer and Guesser you should be very calm while you are playing. There is no rule that if you start first then you will get the chance of drawing. Suppose the other player is drawing then you are playing as a Guesser.

So if you want to guess the drawing you need to focus on what the other player is drawing. At the top of your screen, there are numbers of dashes that will help you to understand how many letters are in the word. When you will need help to understand the word then one letter will be revealed to you. To have a good score and to play well your mind should be calm and focused.

b) With the help of the dashes if you think that you can actually guess the word then you just write it down on the chatbox but make sure that you only write down the particular word. Suppose the answer is Dog, then just simply write the answer. If you write anything more than your answer, then your answer won’t be accepted. If your answer is not correct then you will get another chance to answer it. If another player has given the answer you won’t be able to see the answer. You will just see who has given the answer.

Now if you get a turn to draw then you should choose a word carefully. Now you can draw something which will be less problematic for you. If you choose something that you can’t draw can cause a problem for you. If other players couldn’t understand your drawing then they can votekick (eliminate) you. If you try to draw something unusual and if you do it correctly then other players won’t able to understand your drawing and they can’t score a point.

c) When you start your drawing it is important that you draw clearly. If you feel that your drawing is not cleared then you can simply pick the image and transfer it to the bin at the side. Then you can have another fresh page to draw. Do not draw something that can make other players uncomfortable.

STEP – 3:

While you are playing it is important that you don’t bother other players. So, don’t verbally abuse anyone. If you don’t like someone’s drawing you can simply use the Red thumbs down button. But don’t say bad words to others. If you do so, the other player can votekick you and if a few more people votekick you then you won’t be allowed to play this game.

While playing Skribbl.io, you may find some people who are strangers to you. So it will be good if you don’t share your private information. Use your skribbl.io chatbox for only game purposes. Don’t make it a personal chatbox.


So, we have shared some information about Skribbl.io. So we can expect that the above-mentioned information will be enough to know How to Play Skribbl.io. Skribbl.io is a very engaging game for you and it can also be a good stress reducer for you. There are a few hacks available for the game, you can use those if you wish. Still, we will recommend you to play this game without any hacks. Because hacks will help you to gain points but they will never improve your IQ level or your Vocabulary. It will be great for your skills to play it in your own capacity. We hope if you follow the steps mentioned here, will be fruitful for you.

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