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How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Among the many features, one of the components that really has helped make Minecraft quite a popular game around all over the world is indeed the virtually unlimited creativity the game allows gamers all over the world. Anything and everything that immediately springs to mind can indeed be formed with nothing but a wide assortment of types of blocks which you could choose from as well as a construct with. In this article, we will tell you how to make stone bricks in Minecraft. Stone bricks are indeed a popular block of the kind among both novice and veteran players of the crafter’s virtual world.

Stone bricks are a much more upscale edition of something like the stone blocks managed to find down into the soil inside Minecraft. They are used by players or gamers to construct more exquisite frameworks, such as that of the strongholds that are algorithmically produced across the whole of Minecraft regions of the world. Gamers or players could indeed mine those stone bricks there too and take them or bring them home to create and maintain their very own creative works, but they can also be made without having to search for them.

Different kinds of Minecraft Stone Bricks

There are several other various varieties of stone bricks that can only be made or found throughout the world. Most of the other building structures, ruins, as well as highly classified sites throughout Minecraft, are made of stone bricks. Basic Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, Smooth Stone Bricks, Chiselled Stone Bricks, as well as Cracked Stone Bricks all seem to be available on the Minecraft world. However, in order to acquire either one of these bricks, gamers must first start digging up a few stones.

Bricks of Basic Stone

How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Four basic stones as well as a crafting table are obliged to produce basic stone bricks. Stones can indeed be mined from almost all kinds of locations within any Minecraft Biosphere. Those very same basic Stone Bricks have become an excellent foundation for just about any stone wall, groundwork, or construction.

Bricks with Mossy Stone

How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Mossy stone bricks are indeed a type of stone bricks with green vines beginning to grow upon that variety of stone bricks. Those kinds appear to just be ideal for creating in-game ruins, forest structures, as well as beautiful surroundings of the gardens. Mossy stone bricks bring a unique as well as sophisticated appearance to just about any Minecraft biosphere’s wall surfaces. They have always been created by fusing stone bricks as well as vines. To create a slightly altered look, gamers could indeed merge vines as well as cobblestones to start creating mossy cobblestone stone bricks.

Stone Bricks that are Smooth

How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Smooth Stone Bricks are really only readily accessible throughout Minecraft’s Bedrock Version and it can only be formed with instructions.

Stone Bricks with Cracks

How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Cracked Stone Bricks could very well start giving each and every structure a weathered appearance, and yet they still make an amazing construction material about anyone involved directly or indirectly in recreating ancient monuments ruins inside their Minecraft virtual world. Cracked Stone Bricks, unlike most of the other bricks on just this guide, necessitate its use of any basic Stone Bricks, charcoal, as well as a Furnace (guides for the making of furnace is also available online). “Cooking” just about any basic Stone Brick in some kind of a furnace might very well give the players this same best possible cracked aesthetic.

Stone Bricks with Chiselled Edges

How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Players must accomplish only a few actions in Chiselled Stone Bricks. To begin, stone has always been required to create basic stone bricks. Basic stone bricks could then be transformed into a Stone Brick Stone block. Then, to end up making Chiselled Bricks, incorporate Stone Brick Stone blocks. Although these are much more difficult to consider making, the end result is good enough to justify it; everything just creates a special side profile to just about any housing complex as well as the wall.

The proper guide to making the Stone Brick inside Minecraft is just below;

The materials and methods are needed to make a stone brick throughout Minecraft.

  • Furnace (again find the guide if you do not know how to make one, though if you are looking for making stone brick you must have a furnace)
  • 4 times of standard or regular stone
  • A stonecutter is optional (but if you have it, good to go)

To begin the procedure of making stone bricks, you should first create complete regular stone blocks. To do just that, place cobblestone blocks inside the furnace, and then you will end up receiving stone blocks as a matter of fact (there you go, that’s how to make stone bricks). Those same stone blocks could then be used to make stone bricks. You can even use the stonecutter to make separate stone bricks in Minecraft.

As stated above, you will still need cobblestone to actually start the procedure of making and producing stone bricks throughout Minecraft. With something like a pickaxe, you could even seamlessly mine cobblestone. When you have already gathered the required cobblestone, you could indeed simply continue to construct a furnace (if you do not even have one already).

If not let me guide you to make a furnace also: You could indeed make a furnace whilst also simply putting 8 cobblestone blocks inside the crafting list and leaving the center area unoccupied.

When your furnace seems to be fully prepared, consider placing the cobblestone inside the uppermost slot as well as the fuel throughout the lowermost slot. The fuel could have been anything you would like it to be, such as wood, coal, as well as charcoal.

When you have already chosen your fuel, start by smelting your cobblestones to make regular stone blocks.

You could now end up making stone bricks after obtaining the necessary 4 stone blocks by using the procedure outlined in the guide above. You would then receive four stone blocks more or less every time you complete and receive the above workflow.

You could now consider placing a regular stone block inside the stonecutter UI’s left-most vacant spot, and you will have a couple of choices available to your left.

Select stone bricks,’ and then afterward click upon that stone bricks that show up towards the right of your regular stone block. The above method will produce one stone brick once at a time.

Minecraft Instructions to Use When Making Stone Bricks

How To Make Stone Bricks In Minecraft | Easy Guide

When you are using the latest versions of Minecraft’s Java edition (1.13 and up), the instruction to do it while trying to make stone bricks is: /give @p stone bricks #. @p has been the closest player within that command, and so the hash-tag (#) specifies the number of times stone bricks you would like. Unless you’re using an earlier version of Minecraft’s Java edition, the instruction is: /give @p stonebricks #. The syntax seems to be the only distinction to be made between both the command line across both editions. If you are playing Minecraft Bedrock, the instruction to be used when making stone bricks is: /give @p stonebrick #.


Congrats to you for completing reading this whole article on how to make stone bricks in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you could indeed create lots with nothing more than just stones. Stone bricks provide us with a variety of design possibilities, regardless of whether you need to use your cobblestone space or actually create with something like a bit so much texture. Fully understanding what really is readily accessible can certainly assist your artistic direction because stone bricks can indeed be managed to make into slabs, stairways, as well as walls, as well as other types of stone bricks.

Be cautious when trying to convert the whole of your cobblestones into stone bricks; once converted, they cannot be switched back into smooth stone bricks. Prior to actually having committed to large numbers of stacks of cobblestone, take into account what your build requires and also what textures you would rather see.

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