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How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft | Easy Guide

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft: Minecraft was featuring smooth stone for a long time but it was not available as a building block in the initial stage. Smooth Stone in Minecraft was added in beta 1.3 of the Java Edition. Mostly, players use it to create a smooth texture and for decorative purposes. Now, you can use Smooth Stone in making simple crafting recipes.

Minecraft was a smash hit on mobile platforms, and it was later ported to consoles as well and became one of the most popular games in recent time. As a matter of fact, you can imagine and build practically anything that comes into your mind and can play the games in PVE and PVP modes. You can even try to gain new prizes and resources.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

In the game, players use smooth stones to build bases and homes where the stones with no texture and no color variation. These smooth stones are used to construct buildings, cities, towers, and a variety of other structures.

In this blog, you will walk through the process of ‘How to make smooth stone in Minecraft’- step by step. With these instructions, you can easily produce Smooth Stone in Minecraft within a matter of time! You’ll also get to a few suggestions while walking through the process.

What is Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Smooth stone is a material block that players can readily obtain in Minecraft. Therefore, they are the simple block to get into the games easily. The most common application for this block is construction. Players build their Minecraft homes with no texture or color variation using the stones. These stones are also excellent in building towers, cities, or other structures. When used in conjunction with other building materials, such as various types of wood and stones, the results are frequently spectacular.

Smooth stone is not available in all the gaming versions. The stone blocks are found in the inventory menu under the “Building Blocks” tab if you’re in Creative Mode.

The smooth stone is available in the versions- Xbox One, Java(PC/ Mac), Nintendo Switch, Education Edition, PS4, Windows 10, and Pocket Edition.

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Materials needed to make the building blocks in Minecraft

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can find smooth stones in some houses in grasslands, plains, savanna, and snowy tundra towns. They come in the form of slabs and bricks and are found as loot in chests. However, getting smooth stones in this procedure is less. You can obtain smooth stones by collecting them as plunder and by smelting the stone.

The materials that will be needed in building blocks are-

  1. Furnace- This is a simple block that is made up of eight cobblestones. Place the cobblestones in a square on the crafting table and leave the center block blank. If you plan on making a lot of smooth stones, you should create many furnaces to speed up the process.
  2. Stone- This block is really simple to obtain. Cobblestones should be plenty. Just you need to dig around where you are standing.
  3. Fuels ( Coal, wood, charcoal, bucket of lava)- Fuel is another popular resource in Minecraft. It is the greatest fuel for the game. If you don’t have access to coal, smelt wood in the furnace to generate charcoal. You can use wood as a fuel source if you don’t care about efficiency.

Except cobblestone smooth stone crafting in Minecraft will need to have the furnace. Furnace creation will need eight cobblestones, and more stones will be required for smooth stone. And fuels are needed to complete the task- any type of fuel like coal, charcoal, and even a bucket of lava can be used in the process. It will turn into the smooth stone you desire!

Remember: Once you’ve gathered the cobblestones for your project, split them into eight parts for each furnace. If you’re working on a larger project, it’s a good idea to use multiple furnaces to speed up the process.

The furnaces that will be needed may vary depending on how you intend to use the smooth stone. You can get by with just one blast furnace if you’re only making smooth stone for one or two blast furnaces. If you’re going to make a structure out of it, however, you might want to have a furnace for each stack of cobblestone you’ve gathered.

In short, Cobblestone is melted twice in a furnace to create Smooth Stone. When cobblestone is melted in a furnace for the first time, it turns into stone. You receive a smooth stone after you smelt the stone for the second time. The blank box in the center will be filled after the smooth stone is clicked and dragged into the inventory.

Steps to make a smooth stone recipe

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Follow the instructions below to build a smooth stone in Minecraft:

1. Find Cobblestone

To play the Minecraft game you will require raw stone blocks i.e. Cobblestone which is one of the most prevalent blocks found in the overworld, mines, and caves. You will need Cobblestone to make a furnace and it will be polished into a smooth stone that requires eight cobblestones and can be arranged.

  • Press the left button on the PC or the left bumper button on the Xbox to punch the stone.
  • Using the E key (PC) or the X button you can open Inventory (Xbox).
  • You’ll see a set of four boxes placed in a box formation with an arrow pointing towards a single vacant box, in addition to other boxes where your stuff is stored by clicking on PC- RB and LB buttons or scrolling it.

2. Craft Furnace

You will construct a furnace by using the crafting menu to fill it with eight cobbler stones and leave the center block empty. The furnace can be used for smelting and is essential for the creation of specific building blocks, such as glass and ore refinement.

  • Make sure your Crafting Table is open.
  • Place 8 cobblestones and your furnace will be delivered to you.

3. Find Fuels (Coal or wood)

The third essential resource that players will need to locate is coal or wood. Coal is also rather abundant in Minecraft; players can collect coal by using their pickaxe on stones with black marks on them. The furnaces are powered by fuel(coal or woods). After acquiring the Furnace, you can place it on the ground or wherever you wish in your base/home. You’ll need fuel for the furnace- so either grab some coal or cut down some trees. And then put them in the bottom half of the furnace.

4. Burn Cobblestone into stone

The final step of the process is where you will need to re-ignite the Furnace. The process will be repeated, placing the coal in the bottom slot and the newly produced stone in the top slot instead of the cobbler stone. This should turn the stone into Smooth Stone, giving players a new resource to use in their Minecraft construction and manufacturing.

  • The furnace bottom slot should be filled with coal or wood.
  • Place Cobblestone in the furnace’s top slot.
  • Cobblestone will transform to stone when flames begin to burn.


Minecraft is a game about crafting and exploring the world of Minecraft. You can create a variety of goods, such as a fence, a saddle, a smoker, a stone, and more. As we have already said that smooth stone is primarily utilized for decorative purposes because of its smooth texture. So you can still use it to construct things and as a nice-looking base material.

By now you have known ‘how to make smooth stone in Minecraft’, you can quickly make one for your Minecraft world and use it to adorn it.

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