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How To Make Piston In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Minecraft becomes complicated as the player wants to make it. The more complicated it becomes, the better they look and are rewarded. This introduces users to the piston block and its abilities to improve player bases, assist complex building, and farming.

Therefore, the piston is an essential component in Minecraft for anyone wishing to automate operations or create intricate mechanical contraptions. In this blog, we’ll show you how to make a piston in Minecraft and what you can do with it.

Regular pistons cannot be found in the overworld and must be constructed. Before getting wood planks, cobblestone, Redstone dust, or an iron ingot, players must first build a crafting bench. Three wood planks of any species, four cobblestone blocks, and one of each of the other two elements are required.

What is Piston?

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

A Piston moves blocks, players, and mobs in a certain direction when given a Redstone pulse. They were first introduced in Patch 1.7. The Piston has a maximum push strength of 12 blocks; if it exceeds the limit, it will not push. A piston can only push; it cannot pull Sticky Piston because it is a transparent block, it does not affect the blocks around it. Sticky Piston is made with Slime Ball and Piston and you can make a Piston out of any type of Wooden Plank, but you’ll need Cobblestone instead of Blackstone.

Functions of Pistons in Minecraft

Pistons are used by Minecraft users to farm-specific crops and to build more complicated systems. All pistons require is a link to Redstone dust as well as the numerous activating blocks found throughout the game (buttons, pressure plates, and switches).

Building farms in Minecraft has a number of blocks and things that, when hit by a piston, convert into drops. Piston farms thrive on melons, pumpkins, and bamboo, among other crops. When a crop grows, it engages an observer, which can then activate a piston, cutting the crop and restarting the growth cycle if it is connected to Redstone. Those that take advantage of this can put up an automated farm as a result.

Players should also be aware that when a piston is paired with a slime ball, a sticky piston is created. Sticky pistons can both push and pull blocks, which increases their use. They can also be found in jungle temples in Minecraft. Players can use this method to create concealed doors and traps in their base, as well as a variety of other structures. The sticky pistons can be engaged to open up an area, then deactivated to close behind players, allowing for secret chambers.

However, pistons have a limit, and neither sort of piston can move all Minecraft blocks. The blocks and items that cannot be moved are portals, ender chests, enchantment tables, jukeboxes, and spawners. Grindstones, beacons, and lodestones, on the other hand, can be moved. This applies to both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

So, the ingredients for making Piston-

  • Cobblestone is made from stone that the player has mined.
  • Wood Logs, which are dropped from mined trees, can be used to make Wood Planks.
  • Between levels 1 and 63, you can discover Iron Ore, which will drop Raw Iron that can be melted into Iron Ingots using a Furnace.
  • Mining Redstone Ore yields Redstone Dust (which spawns between levels 1 and 16 of the game).

How to make piston in Minecraft?

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

To make a piston in Minecraft you need to first Place 3 wood planks in the first row, then on the second or third-row place 4 cobblestones, in the middle row place 1 iron ingot, and 1 Redstone beneath in the crafting grid (3x3x3). To add it to your store, simply click it.

So, start by placing the Redstone Dust in the bottom-middle slot and then the Iron Ingot on top of it in the center-most position when combining them. Fill the first three slots with the three Wood Planks, then the last four slots with the four Cobblestone. That means your wood planks should go on the top row, the Iron Ingot in the middle, and the Redstone Dust on the bottom row. The remaining four areas will be filled with the four cobblestones.

Though the procedure for making a Minecraft piston recipe is straightforward, it contains a number of sub-processes that work together to create the final Minecraft piston recipe. These are the steps for the Minecraft piston recipe.

Step 1: Cobblestone

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

Cobblestones can be obtained by searching for any location containing a block of stones and then mining them with a pickaxe.

Step 2: Wood Plank

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

You must first chop trees to obtain a wooden log, after which you must place one wooden log inside a crafting table to generate four wooden planks.

Step 3: Iron Ingot

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

You will not get the iron ingot naturally, you’ll have to dig deep underground to find the ore. You’ll need a pickaxe for this, and then you’ll need to put them in a furnace with fuel to smelt them.

You’ll need a furnace now, which you may make by stacking eight cobblestones inside a crafting table and need a supply of fuel, which can be collected quickly by cutting down trees. Create an iron ingot furnace on the ground, then fill it with wooden logs and iron ore by right-clicking on it.

Step 4: Redstone Dust

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

You must dig the earth in the same way you did for the Redstone dust, except these blocks will be red, and you can then put them in your inventory with the pickaxe.

After you’ve gathered all of the essential ingredients, you’ll need to arrange them within a crafting table to make a piston. By dragging the Minecraft Piston into your inventory, you can add it to your inventory.

You’ll almost certainly need more than one piston to complete your project. Fortunately, the materials needed to manufacture a piston are extremely common, so replicating the technique outlined above should be simple.

Sticky Piston

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

Sticky Pistons are a sort of Piston that has the ability to both pull and push blocks. A Slimeball and a regular Piston can be combined to form one. Slimeballs are most commonly obtained through defeating Slimes. Slimeballs are available by trading with Wandering Traders (1 Slimeball will cost 4 Emeralds). Furthermore, if a baby Panda sneezes, you can earn 1 Slimeball, which is both charming and gross, as well as useful.

Sticky Piston Recipe

How To Make Piston In Minecraft

The recipe for sticky pistons is not the same as the one for Minecraft pistons. The sticky piston recipe for Minecraft is shown here.

  • Create a 3×3 crafting space.
  • Place a slimeball in the middle grid of the first row, leaving the first and third grids empty.
  • The second row – In the middle grid, place the Piston Minecraft that you produced with the piston recipe, leaving the first and third grids empty.
  • The third row should be empty.

The Sticky Piston can be obtained by crafting this.


You can make practically anything in Minecraft, depending on your ideas and creativity. When the Redstone torch triggers the mobile object, a piston is one of the most beneficial blocks to utilize to push it. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as creating autonomous farms or trap doors to secure your game’s valuable treasure from mobs and attackers.

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