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How To Make Iron Nuggets In Minecraft | Easy Guide [Updated]

How To Make Iron Nuggets In Minecraft: In Minecraft, there are many nearly unreachable resources. But iron ore is a relatively easy one to find. It can be found in all the biomes by digging deeper, just a few blocks above sea level.

Iron nuggets firstly appeared on Minecraft in the 2016 PC version. The Twitter account “Minecraft News” published information about these features and how they could be used to craft a chain armour.

Gamers can find iron ore by digging stones deeper in Minecraft mining. These blocks look like coal blocks, except a tan colour, rather than a black colour, as shown in the image below.

You can transform these iron ore blocks into iron ingots by melting them, which can be changed into iron nuggets. Nine iron ores create an iron ingot, and nine iron ingots make up a block of iron. You can mine Iron ore with a stone pickaxe or anything higher.

How To Make Iron Nuggets In Minecraft

One Iron Ingot is the main ingredient to make an Iron Nugget in Minecraft. The Player will get nine Iron Nuggets from it, so preparing it is a great resource in this game.

When gamers will get Iron Ingot themselves in Survival Mode, they would be better off making some on their own using Iron Ore. Gamers have to kill an Iron Golem for Iron Ingot, which is more trouble than ideal.

How To Make Iron Nuggets In Minecraft

The transformation from Iron Ore to Iron Ingot


  1. Collect Iron Ore.
  2. Open the Furnace Menu.
  3. Add Coal as Fuel.
  4. Add Iron Ore to create Iron Ingot.

Now, you can proceed with Iron Ingot to make an Iron Nugget. In order to make this, gamers need to use the Crafting Menu. The actual process is very easy, and the only tricky part is to collect the Iron Ingot.

How To Make Iron Nuggets In Minecraft | Easy Guide

The transformation from Iron Ingot to Iron Nugget


  1. Open the Crafting Menu
  2. In the centre square, place an Iron Ingot.
  3. Players must remember to place the Iron Ingot in the centre of the crafting 3×3 grid.
  4. An Iron Nugget will appear in the box to the right.
  5. Move the Iron Nugget to the Inventory.

Each Iron Ingot will provide 9 Iron Nuggets to the player in Minecraft.


Iron nuggets can be located in blacksmith’s chests in villages and Bastian remnants, ruined portals, shipwrecks, and villages. In Minecraft, both Java and Bedrock, there are four places where iron nuggets are almost always found. I have mentioned all the necessary things on how to make iron nuggets in Minecraft.

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