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How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft | Easy Guide

Minecraft is a free-to-play open-world adventure game in which players can explore and construct whatever they choose. They are given an open virtual world in which to play and build things. They may also use this game to create practically anything they can imagine, from castles to beaches, rollercoasters to cities.

Therefore, Minecraft is a game where you can do whatever you want. Furthermore, you have practically limitless space and resources at your fingertips. There are a number of craftable goods in Minecraft, and crafting is also a big part of the game. In this blog, we’ll show you how to make an Armor Stand in Minecraft down below!

Before starting!! Let’s just tell you that, in Minecraft, there are no rules, directions, or direction for what a player should or should not do, which adds to the intrigue. Each Minecraft map (the area in which people can play and explore) is distinct from the others. Minecraft has proven to be a worthwhile and interesting game to play. It can teach and develop a wide range of skills, including:

  • Enhances your programming expertise because the game includes coding. Assists in the development of your designing talents and teach you how to better manage resources.
  • Encourages teammates to work together and makes better decisions.
  • Enhances your problem-solving abilities by improving your mathematics and analytical capabilities.
  • Develops a greater understanding of the 3D environment, allowing you to be more creative.

When creating a new planet, players can choose from five different game styles and four different difficulty levels, ranging from calm to intense.

Armor Stand in Minecraft

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

Armour stands in Minecraft are a valuable ornamental item. It is a wooden sculpture in Minecraft that may be used to equip armor and handle things. You can use it as a trophy case for your Minecraft mob heads, as well as a place to store items. Even if you aren’t wearing your armor, you can keep it on an armor stand.

It’s technically an entity, which means it follows the laws of physics in Minecraft and patiently waits for you to return home, much like an armor butler. With the necessary data tags, they may be positioned and set up in any way you like, allowing you to build sculptures and scenes of any kind.

Your armour stand can be moved by pistons, bounced on slime and honey blocks, pulled by a fishing line, and drawn along by flowing water. On the other hand, you would rather not torture your armor stand but have it propped up in the entryway of your Minecraft house or standing behind Minecraft anvil, grindstone, and blast furnace for convenient access. You can also use your armor stand to showcase your armor, either to wow visitors or to make knight statues for your Minecraft fortress.

The player is vulnerable to increased damage from opponents (mobs) as the game’s difficulty increases, as well as other level-specific consequences. The peaceful option keeps enemies away, and the difficulty mode allows players to starve and die if their hunger bar reaches zero. After you’ve decided on a problem, you can tweak it. The game mode, on the other hand, is locked and can only be changed through hacks. Let’s look into the steps of making the armor.

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create armor in Minecraft may be found below.:

Step 1: Wood Blocks

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

Collect a few wood blocks from trees. You can either punch the tree trunk or grab woodblocks from trees with an axe (any type of wood can be used).

Step 2: Wooden plank Blocks

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

There is no requirement for a crafting table to produce wooden plank blocks. To reach the crafting menu if you have wood in your inventory, press ‘E‘ on PC, ‘X‘ on Xbox One, ‘Y‘ on Nintendo Switch, Square on PS (Playstation), and on mobile. Choose wooden plank blocks from the crafting menu and drag them into your inventory.

Step 3: Wooden Stick

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

One armor stand will require six sticks. Surprisingly you also don’t need a crafting table to produce wooden sticks. Simply access the crafting menu with wooden plank blocks in your inventory. In the crafting menu, select the wooden sticks and drag them into your inventory.

Step 4: Twelve cobblestone Block

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

Stone blocks discovered in caverns and along the slopes of mountains and cliffs can be mined to make cobblestone blocks. To mine cobblestone, you’ll need to make a pickaxe.

Step 5: Furnace

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

For making a furnace you’ll need eight blocks of cobblestone and a crafting table by pressing the left trigger button to access the menu. Choose the furnace from the menu, or arrange 8 cobblestone blocks around the perimeter in a 3×3 grid. Add the furnace to your inventory by dragging it there. Put it in your toolbar and put it wherever you’ll be able to utilize it safely.

Step 6: Three cobblestone blocks smelt

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

You will need to press the right trigger button on the controller to turn on the furnace. Put three blocks of cobblestone above the icon that looks like a flame in the menu. Before adding fuel to the area beneath the icon that simulates a flame, wait for the cobblestone blocks to finish smelting. You can use coal, charcoal, woodblocks, or a bucket of lava as fuel when required. And the cobblestone bricks will be transformed back into standard stone blocks once the smelting process is completed.

Step 7: Smelting of stone blocks

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

After you’ve finished smelting the cobblestone blocks into stone blocks in the furnace, return the stone blocks to the space above the flame icon and add more fuel to the space below the flame icon. The stone blocks will smelt into smooth stone blocks as a result of this. When the smooth stone blocks have finished smelting, drag them into your inventory.

Step 8: Smooth Stone slab

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

To make the slabs, you must have three smooth stone blocks in your inventory and right-click or press the left trigger button on your controller on a crafting table. Choose smooth stone slabs from the crafting menu, or position three smooth stone blocks in the bottom section of the crafting grid. Add the smooth stone slabs to your inventory by dragging them in.

Step 9: Armor Stand

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft

If you have Six sticks and a smooth stone block, you can start making an armor stand. Open the crafting table and from the menu select an armor stand, or position three sticks in a row at the top of the 3×3 grid. Place one stick in the middle space of the grid and place a stick in the bottom-left and bottom-right spaces. Finally, in the bottom-center space, insert a smooth stone slab and drag the armor stand into your inventory when you’re finished building it.


A display stand for armor is important for displaying the things that can be worn. Armor stands are also simple to construct because they only require two materials. Additionally, the armor stands in Minecraft allow you to be creative by adding positions and limbs to them.

The armor stand, on the other hand, is prone to breaking. Arrows have the potential to harm it. You may, however, rebuild it because it’s a restorative element.

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