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How To Make A Shield In Minecraft | Easy Guide [Updated]

How to make a shield in Minecraft: Shields are essential survival equipment for your Minecraft adventures. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about how to make a shield in Minecraft. In Minecraft, You can make a shield easily by using an iron ingot and 6 wooden planks of any type. The material is easy to find and doesn’t take long to collect. You can change the shade of the shield with the combination of the shield and the color banner. Tonal protection adjusts the tint of the banner you create. So go through this article on how to make a shield in Minecraft.

Materials required to make a Shield

  • 6 wooden planks
  • 1 iron ingot

Shield repair

Protective devices can be used in conjunction with other protective devices to recover. This increases the durability of both shields by an additional 5%. This may cause the shield to lose its pattern or color. Another way to restore protection is to use it in an anvil with a few extra boards of any type. This restoration technique retains any style or shade in defense.

Uses for the Shield

First of all, you need to take the shield for your offhand to use it. Press “E” for this step and it will open your stock. you’ll manner to place the guard inside the slot in the center of the display screen, to the proper of your participant model. That is the offhand slot in Minecraft.

Now you have the shield in your offhand, and now do right-click on it. Your guard will be in front of you by holding right-click. Now, the damage from mobs that inflicts on you will be both decreased or negated. This is all you need to know about how to make a shield in Minecraft.

Combat is an essential part of Minecraft and a proper defense will make you more successful while dodging. Whether capturing other players in PvP or preventing dangerous mobs from spawning in a single-player, this is a reality. Defense Additives help complement precision armor and reduce damage taken at max combat. Basic wood protection is easy to make and allows you to personalize yourself with a variety of unusual colors and patterns.

How to apply a shield?

Having a shield to your stock is a superb start, however, a shield isn’t very beneficial till you equip it. To equip your shield and put together yourself for combat, area the shield withinside the offhand slot of your stock.

Press “E” to carry up your stock.

The offhand slot is simply classified with a guard icon. Place your newly created shield here.

How to make a colored shield?

Wooden shield works great, but there are many players who want more expressive things. You are also able to create colored shields in Minecraft or patterned shields using banners. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Get a banner no matter what’s the color or pattern of it.
  2. Locate the shield on the crafting table in the center position.
  3. now, locate the banner next to your shield in the left-middle slot as shown.

how to make a shield in minecraft

How to add a pattern to your shield?

You can also upload your shield design. Create a unique design on the loom while simultaneously integrating the banner and paint. Banners and dyes can be placed on the loom and predefined patterns can be selected.

Some unique styles are available and you will need your own special banner samples. You can create different pattern styles including Flower, Leana, Skulls, Thing (Mojang logo), Globe, Field Masonry, Border styles, and more.

Special banner patterns

Mix the important things to make this type of special banner style. Locate the paper in the left-middle slot and the object in the center slot on the table.

Thing – paper + enchanted golden apple
Skull – paper + wither skeleton skull
Creeper – paper + creeper head
Flower – paper + oxeye daisy (flower)
Field Masoned – paper + bricks
Bordure Indented – paper + vines

You are in a deep cave looking for ore, staggering into a dungeon full of skeletons. You have a pickaxe in your hand and there is no way to stop their deadly blows. I’ll tell you the story of the attack and show you how to defend it in Minecraft so you can get your loot.

It is very easy to make a shield. The main materials are wood plank blocks and iron ingots. You will need both an oven and a workbench to protect yourself. It also shows you how to improve and use the new protections

Gather wood

how to make a shield in minecraft

Find a tree and cut it down. Lumberjack’s ability creates small wooden log blocks (survival mode) scattered around the area you want to collect. You can use anything except a sword to cut down a tree.

Any wood aggregate can be used to craft a shield. You are no longer tied to using 6 blocks of wooden planks of the same type

Gather iron ore

how to make a shield in minecraft

You need iron ore to make an iron ingot, one of the materials of the shield. You can’t miss this block. There are small yellow and brown pieces as shown above. Ore rarely decays in veins when placed in the ocean phase or up to 10 blocks. You will need at least a stone pickaxe to mine this ore. You can also collect iron ore from the corrupted iron golems found near the town.

How To Make A Shield In Minecraft

The first important thing that you have to do is to collect some wooden planks. No doubt, it is truly very easy to get wood planks. To get this, all you have to do is to punch and get oak wooden pieces. You may then flip one piece of oak wooden into 4 timber planks on your crafting desk. Make sure to get 2 portions of wood for getting enough wood planks. This can craft 8 planks so that you could have extra remainings.

how to make a shield in minecraft

At this time you get 6 wooden planks, now you have to collect an iron ingot. For getting an iron ingot, you will require a stone pickaxe. For a stone pickaxe, you will need to get a wooden pickaxe. For getting a wooden pickaxe, you have to collect 2 sticks and 3 wooden planks. Take those things on your crafting table and observe the below steps.

how to make a shield in minecraft

Now, the pickaxe you have to make is a stone pickaxe. For a stone pickaxe, you actually need a wooden pickaxe. Now collect 3 pieces of cobblestone and to do that, you are going to mine 3 pieces of stone in a cave. Caves are covered with stone,  so it is very easy to get stone. The stones are like gray blocks that you see below in the cave.

how to make a shield in minecraft

When you get three cobblestones and two sticks, go back to your crafting table. All pickaxe has a common technique. You just need to shift the crafting material. Now for this, you are utilizing cobblestone blocks. You can follow the below steps to craft a stone pickaxe.

how to make a shield in minecraft

Now you get the stone pickaxe, so go for mining. In your cave, you have to locate one iron ore block. Once you find it, you need to collect eight pieces of cobblestone and make a furnace. Then, smelt your iron ore in the furnace for getting an iron ingot. One iron ore converts into one iron ingot. Now you have an iron ingot and six wooden planks, make your way to your crafting table for crafting a shield. Here, I have mentioned in detail on how to make a shield in Minecraft.

how to make a shield in minecraft


Minecraft shields completely nullify all frontal attacks for up to 4 damage, and guards take damage equal to their attack energy if incoming attacks exceed this value. Minecraft shields can be used to deflect multiple incoming attacks, including arrows that bounce and retaliate at enemies you fire, and hand-to-hand combat that can knock enemies back. Hare all you need on how to make a shield in Minecraft.

All undamaged results of ranged attacks, including hitting stoves and poisoning arrows, are dodged when blocked by shields. Melee attacks or projectile knockback are negated, except for explosions that can be reduced to 1 block or less. Learn how to build, customize, and enchant your Minecraft defenses using the available growth suggestions. Go through this article on how to make a shield in Minecraft for better knowledge.

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