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How To Make a Bed In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Everyone, even NPCs and avatars in Minecraft, needs to sleep. You can’t just build a wooden cabin and sleep on the floor, though. For starters, it’s not good for the virtual back. Instead, we will guide you on how to make a bed in Minecraft so you can fill the time while zombies walk outside your door. Therefore, a bed is indeed one of the blocks in the game which should be created early phase on the game, preferably before your first night.

Beds are not turning back the clock. They can be used as spawn places by taking the place of the player’s realm’s usual spawning position. Till the spawn or rebirth spot has been blocked, the player will reappear (return) within the block space of the bed- leaving the player to revive in the default location that can be km (kilometers) apart.

Beds are essential and simple to create, requiring only two ingredients that are easy to obtain within the first few minutes of starting a new Minecraft world. They allow the player to escape at nighttime, stopping enemies from emerging on the land.

Materials Required

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft | Easy Guide

To make a bed, you’ll need the following materials:

To create a chest in Minecraft, you’ll need the following items: Three wool, Three wooden planks, and a Crafting table.

Wood: Go out and find a tree to cut down. Your lumberjack talents will result in little blocks of wood scattered throughout the countryside that you must collect (Survival Mode). Trees can be felled with tools and weapons, including your fists, but not with swords.

Wool: To harvest wool from living sheep, you’ll need shears, even you can kill them and collect from their bodies. You could construct an automated wool farm, but that’s a topic for another guide. Sheep will be shaving bald before being killed and leaving a naked sheep.

In short, To create a bed, open the 3×3 grid-based crafting area. Fill the second row with wool after placing 3 wood boards in the last row. Use wool in the color of your choice to make a colored variation. Move the bed to your inventory once you’ve finished constructing it.

Step-by-Step Guidance on making a bed in Minecraft

The following is a step-by-step guide for making your bed in Minecraft:

Step 1: Open your Crafting Table and drop one of your wood blocks into any of the nine crafting grid spaces.

4 wood plank blocks(logs) Equal to 1 woodblock

Step 2: Place the four wood plank blocks that appear in your inventory among which 3 wood plank blocks will be needed to make the bed. Therefore, cutting down some wood to gather planks is the first stage in creating a chest. For instance, a minimum of two wooden blocks are required to build a bed. However, it is recommended that the player cuts down more towards the beginning of the game.

Step 3: In the crafting grid, position a wood plank block, in the end, a three-button column. You can work on building a crafting table once the wood has been turned into wooden plank blocks. To make a crafting table, fill the square slots with four wooden planks from the survival crafting menu.

Step 4: In the crafting grid, place one wool block of the same color in each of the middle three spaces

To make a bed, you’ll need at least three pounds of wool. Players will sometimes simply slaughter the sheep in order to obtain the wool, but the best method is to use a pair of shears.

Wools are discovered on sheep in the game and are collected with scissors(shear). A sheep can yield an indefinite quantity of wool, but after cutting the wool every time they only deliver 1-3 pieces.

What are shears in Minecraft?

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Shears are a tool produced from two pieces of iron also known as scissors. Simply set two iron ingots in the survival inventory-making table, diagonally opposite one other.

So, once you’ve found a sheep, use scissors to collect the animal’s wool while avoiding injuries to the rest of the flock. To collect the wool from the sheep, right-clicking the shear or scissor.

You might acquire enough wool on the first shear because you just need three pieces of wool to make a bed. Trim the other sheep in your nearby location. And the other sheep are not they and you are left with one then wait for it to graze. Wool grows as a sheep consumes grass.

You can now make your bed now, you have all of the essential blocks.

  1. Place the crafting table on the ground and open the crafting table GUI (9 grid table).
  2. Insert a line of wood in the center or bottom row of the crafting table. And to make a bed, place a layer of wool on top of the wood.

The amazing thing is that with version 1.12, you can now build colored beds in Minecraft. Also, see how to make multicolored beds if you want to make white or colored beds.

In Minecraft, how can you make a colorful bed?

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft | Easy Guide

In Minecraft, there are 16 different types of beds- Grey Bed, Light Grey Bed, Blue Bed, Purple Bed, Brown Bed, Green Bed, Red Bed, Black Bed, Magenta Bed, Light Blue Bed, Yellow Bed, Lime Bed.

Here, Sheep are normally white, light grey, grey, black, and brown. You’ll need to dye the colors if you want different shades. The dye can be made in a mixture of colors. Standard blue, night blue, black, cyan, brown, green, lime, orange, magenta, and more hues can be made.

There are two ways to build a colored bed-

  1. Using Colored Wool to Make a Bed
  2. Colored wool and planks can be used to create a colored bed.

Dye (color) The Wool: After you’ve finished making the dye, you can begin coloring the wool you’ve collected. To begin coloring the wool, you will need the crafting table. Then, in the first box of the bottom row, place a block of wool, and in the second box of the bottom row, place the dye.

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Before shearing the wool, you can color it. You must choose a sheep and keep the color in place while doing it- right-click and left trigger, or tap and hold. It will affect the color of the sheep. As a result, you’ll be able to breed sheep of various hues.

How to dye a bed?

How To Make a Bed In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Remember: The method you paint your bed will alter depending on which edition of Minecraft you’re playing.

  • Only white beds can be colored in the Java Edition.
  • You can apply dye on any color bed in the Bedrock Edition (or Education Edition).

In either case, simply lay the bed next to the dye on your crafting table to change its color.

Making a Colorful Minecraft Bed: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: In the crafting grid, place one plank block in each of the three spaces.

Step 2: Next, place one wool block of the same hue in each of the crafting grid’s middle three squares.

Step 3: Last but not least, you can add the new bed to your inventory.

To put the bed in its proper location, drag it into your Hotbar. Then select it and drag it to the desired location. Although sheeping is not required in Minecraft, it is recommended so that hostile mobs do not menace you.


It’s not difficult to make a bed in Minecraft. It’s easy to find the necessary materials, and it’s a one-step process to put together. You can construct a bed of a specific hue if you have the time and finances, but you’ll need to obtain dye for it.

Until the Phantom mob was included, a bed was an important but not strictly necessary object to construct in Minecraft. Previously, players had the option of passing the night swiftly or resetting their spawn point. It now punishes you for not sleeping enough.

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