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How To Make a Banner In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Banners are by far the most customizable basic building block throughout Minecraft, with dyes and patterns allowing for a varied selection of customizable features (and if you want to associate it with themes for your satisfaction, then you could do that too). Banners can also be used as decorative elements on the outside (outside being your forts, or even the farms or if you like on the top of the fort) and inside (to make it look like a pretty or macho home or like a mediaeval palace; if that is what you are aiming for) of buildings, and for PC users could even use those to label pertinent points on the map in the Java Edition of Minecraft. In Minecraft, banners could also be used to make customized shields (armours you ask, good question, I have no idea).

A Minecraft Banner has always been easy to make, which would need only one of those sticks you could find anywhere, and six of that wool. Now you ask, “where can I find the wool” or ” I have to look for wool”, well wool tends to come from Sheep (not the real one), a prevalent spawn throughout the grassy biomes, and those Sticks can always be managed to find anywhere and everywhere trees reappear. While slaying Sheep for their precious Wool is feasible, it is preferable to be using Shears so that the Sheep could still continue to generate Wool. You must also make absolutely sure they (I mean the Sheep) have had enough grass well within a confined environment while building a farm for the Sheep for farming those Wool since Sheep’s Wool will just not keep growing where there are no Grass Blocks currently offered (just like in real life).

As a player in Minecraft, you can always use different coloured Wool from the crafting list (or menu, as if it is a food menu) to consider making colourful Banners. Even so, this is only the most standard technique for customizing Minecraft Banners. You will also have to consider making a Loom in order to progress to much more difficult and complicated design changes, like those of pattern design features. Two of those Planks you would get from a block of the wood along with two of those Strings of wood are required to build a Loom. Looms have sometimes been discovered inside of Villages, as they are the Shepherd Villager’s work sites block (for all those lazy players out there looking for those villages and those job sites, and if you are bored then keep crafting).

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft

So if these small explanations are not your thing and you just want to have them step by step, keep reading.

Stage 1: Make or purchase a banner.

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft | Easy Guide

First of all and foremost, have a banner! (This is what the whole thing is about). Ordinarily, you could even pillage a banner by continuing to attack or even a villager holding that, and then visually inspect what has been knocked off. Anything other than that if you want to play it a little fairly or you are a new player, a presence of one stick as well as six portions of perfectly matched (isn’t that how it looks like) wool colour options could be used to make your very own banner.

Stage 2 (Nice you made it): If absolutely required, bleach this same banner, that you stole, looted or even made it yourself.

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft | Easy Guide

It is also not necessary to bleach the banner before actually beginning, but it is still an alternative available. If you have looted the banner, it thus gives you a white, blank canvas to begin with just about any dyes you would really like to contribute and remove any trends and patterns. You might very well, but even so, require bleach, which could only be made using a lab desk (obtainable well with Education Edition or through the specific instructions) inside which 3 water as well as 3 sodium hypochlorite are mixed together. After that, you can even use the freshly created bleach to thoroughly clean the banner. Anything other than that, when trying to craft, we consider trying with white wool because it provides the desired effects that you want.

Stage 3: Paint those banners with dyes.

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Unless you don’t have any of the certain dyes, now would be the time for you to start collecting, purchasing, or making your very own. In Minecraft you can have a total of those 16 dyes to choose from, so choose the colours you want and then get to take a job. Bonemeal, flowers, ink sacs, as well as plants all are basic ingredients that can be used to create different dyes throughout the crafting grid. It’s time to start to craft the project once you’ve collected adequate dye. The secret is correct placement: the sequence on the banner is determined according to where you place the banner as well as dyes inside the 3×3 crafting grid.

The majority of such positions are relatively straightforward, especially if you’re trying for a crest inclined look (are you!?). A squared shape of colour would then appear within this section if only one dye is placed on the edge of said crafting grid well with a banner inside the middle. A huge dot would be created by the dye inside this centre. A boundary of such a colour would be created by encompassing the banner with the dyes. By placing dyes inside the topmost left and right corners, as well as the two lower-middle parts of the grid, you could really create a gradient. Crosses, as well as X’s, are also created by arranging dyes in different sequences. A triangle of these dyes could indeed make chevrons just at the bottom or top of the banner, or even split the banner in a diagonal direction with colour based on positioning and so forth.

Remember that you could make dyes on the banner as many times as possible! This helps to integrate and layer designs to achieve the exact look you crave. Minecraft has a tool for it if you like to innovate first so that you wouldn’t end up wasting materials. People have even designed all from national flags to crests from Games of Thrones. If you do have a loom, you could make far more banner styles with a greater range of logo design, but is not required to achieve the desired appearance.

Stage 4: Placing your banners

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft | Easy Guide

You now can hang the banner within the chosen place, having completed the dyeing and designing. Banners are placed on the floor (like one symbol) or even on a surface (wall) and do not have any collision fundamentals. They are unaffected by lava, or rather items, including streams and rivers, which could pass directly across them.

Stage 5: Unless necessary, organise a myriad of banners.

How To Make a Banner In Minecraft | Easy Guide

Often, particularly if you just want to word it out or make a massive billboard, one banner wouldn’t even get the type of look you would like. To do so, generate and put numerous banners in the same location, combining their colour patterns to make a bigger design. If you just want to make a banner with the same colours as the coloured banner, try placing an empty banner and the coloured banner inside the crafting grid. It enables you to duplicate the layout without assembling all of the material properties once more.


Banners are one must-have for just about any Minecraft builder owing to their unique functionality and top level of artistic control they offer. Those very same banners can always be customized in several different ways, including layout, colour, as well as size, to accommodate your unique requirements. Banners could transform whatever location into a base of operations, allowing the players to stake their assertion.

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