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7 Tips: How To Get Better At Video Games [Updated]

How To Get Better At Video Games: The idea of becoming a professional gamer might have sounded ludicrous 10 or so years ago. However, the situation has changed since then. The growing esports industry is one of the primary reasons why a career in gaming is no longer just a pipe dream.

No, you can pursue a profession in various gaming fields, though becoming a professional video game player is among those that are sought after the most.

The question is, what makes certain players stand out from the rest. After all, only a few are lucky enough to make money from playing video games. Let’s take a look at some of the most common things that you can expect to see in a professional gamer’s schedule.

How To Get Better At Video Games

1. Study Gameplay Videos

Learning from others is a good approach. You have to practice regularly, but it is also beneficial to see other players’ points of view, particularly when there are so many sources available for that.

Twitch streamers are a good example, and you can find many pro players who are regulars on the platform. YouTube gameplay videos can work as well, though they tend to be more casual since not many professionals actually upload their gameplay on YouTube.

In case you want, you can download videos from YouTube on your computer. Visit Website that works as a YouTube downloader, insert a video’s link, and let the service do its job.

2. Improve Your Setup

7 Tips: How To Get Better At Video Games

A proper gaming setup is another necessary thing to have if you want to become a professional. Of course, a lot depends on what kind of game you play. For example, playing Smash Brothers is different from playing Counter-Strike or League of Legends.

Nevertheless, it is important to create an environment that lets you improve. From accessories, such as a gaming keyboard and mouse, to a proper gaming chair and a well-optimized computer, make sure that your gaming setup is good enough.

3. Seek Competitive Communities

If you want to go pro, you need to stop playing casually and seek communities that encourage a competitive environment. If a video game is popular enough to have regular players and there are tournaments that you can sign up for, then you should not have problems getting the feel of what a game is like in a competitive environment.

You can join Discord servers and social media groups. Online forums, even if they are not as popular as they once were, could also be a good option.

Who knows, you might even find enough players to create a team or players who are willing to become regular practice partners.

4. Use Voice Chat

Playing team games means that you need to communicate with others. Instead of typing in the game, use voice chat so that you can get your message across faster. If you are going to type, do so during downtime. Otherwise, your hands will be busy during the time when you should be actually playing.

Thanks to platforms like Discord, you have the option to create a free server and communicate with your teammates.

5. Practice Regularly

Most professional gamers will tell you that they treat this career as a proper job. If you want to succeed, you need to dedicate yourself to working hard. In fact, many players spend more than 8 hours every day playing video games, which is more than an actual job. Not to mention that there are weekends when communities are the most active, and when you have professional tournaments held so often.

A regular practice schedule can be difficult to establish if you have other commitments, but unless you do it, the odds of succeeding become slim to none. Remember that there are plenty of others practicing more than you, and they will have an advantage.

6. Watch Your Own Replays

Studying other players is a good piece of advice, but you should not neglect to take a closer look at your own replays. Most video games have a replay system, meaning that you can download and view it after the match.

In case you play a game that is missing the replay feature, you will need to record your screen while playing and watch a video later.

Looking at your own gameplay afterward is a good way to spot mistakes. You can also go back, take notes, study opponent movements, and collect other relevant data to improve.

7. Take Care of Your Health

7 Tips: How To Get Better At Video Games

As already mentioned, gamers spend a lot of time in front of a computer, and these prolonged gaming sessions are not good for one’s health. Sometimes, it is difficult to find time to make yourself a proper meal or go outside for some exercise.

Your body might be able to take it when you are young, but not everyone has great health, to begin with. If you decide to pursue a career as a professional gamer, make sure to take proper care of your body.

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