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How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11 | Easy Guide [Updated]

How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11
How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11

How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11: So hello guys welcome to our new article today. Today’s topic is How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11. I feel like hearing this work, but for some new iPhone users who have shifted from Android to iOS some time ago, it may be a bit difficult for them but there is nothing to panic about. No, to overcome this problem of yours, we have brought this article today, so without any delay let’s start this article today.

What Will We Learn In Today’s Article?

  1. How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11?
  2. How To Save Downloaded File In Gallery?
  3. What Is Safari Browser?

How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11?

So let’s come to my topic How To Find Downloads On iPhone 11. There are many iPhone users who download through WhatsApp or google and then see it in their gallery, then they think that it has been saved in the gallery, but friends, apart from photos and videos, there are many downloaded files in your iPhone. Like PDF files, PPT files, and audios. So friends, today we will know that after downloading such a file, where is it saved in your iPhone?

  • So as you guys can see in the image I went to a website in my safari browser.

  • Now when I want to download this video clip, I just click on this free download button. Then my file will start downloading. At the top right of the browser, you’ll see a download icon.

  • You can tap on it to see your download history, and how many of your files have been downloaded, now that our file is downloaded, we’ll be back. On the home screen of our phone, so now we see where our file is saved, friends, our file is saved in the “File Manager

  • Now, you go to the File Manager, here you will see option 1. iCloud Drive 2. On my iPhone.

  • Your file can be saved in either of the two folders you configure. Like my file is saved in the “On My iPhone” folder.

So friends, as you have seen where the downloaded files are saved, now let us see how those files are saved in our gallery.

How To Save Downloaded File In Gallery?

So friends, after understanding and learning everything, let us see how to save our downloaded file in our gallery. So friends, although this is a very easy process, this process can be difficult for many people. So you guys don’t need to do anything you just tap & hold your downloaded file, click on the Share button and then click on the Save button. Your file will be saved in the gallery.

What Is Safari Browser?

So friends, let us know what the Safari browser is. So, guys, the browser that comes with basically all Apple products, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is called Safari browser. Although Apple users can download third-party browsers from the Apple Store, the Safari browser is a good option for many Apple users for browsing. So guys, believe me, the safari browser is a very good choice because the company has added very good features inside the safari browser which are really good so this web browser is also called a user-friendly browser. Apple launched this browser on the Internet on January 7, 2003.


So guys I hope you guys liked our article today and found it informative, then definitely tell by commenting, and in the comment section, you can tell us on which topic you want the next article, till then bye-bye.

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