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How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time [Updated]

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time: The above topic came across many times before, but most people are still confused about the best way to charge the iPhone battery and keep this in a healthy condition for as long as possible.

So talking about iPhone 12 Pro Max, this item does not come with a power adapter in its box. Apple is now more concerned about the package cost. There is a magnetic MagSafe charger in the box.

So, are you willing to know about everything on this topic?

Stick with me.

In this article, I am going to guide you on How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time.

What Comes With the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

During iPhone 12 event Apple told the exclusion of the power adapter to reduce the size of the box. Here Apple played smartly to ship more devices to the customer. 70% more devices can be fitted on a shipping palette, which means more iPhone 12 Pro Max can be shipped to users. Smaller boxes also allow Apple to reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons.

Every iPhone 12 version comes with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable. So those people who currently have purchased any Apple iPhone 12 version will need a USB-C type power adapter to charge their phone.

Also, this is the first iPhone that is shipped without EarPods, so if you are willing to listen to music, you’ll have to buy your own headphones to listen to music and podcasts. Apple sells its own AirPods wireless earbuds, but there are many alternatives that won’t break the bank. You can check our Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 and those made with runners in mind.

How Do I Charge the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Apple has not fully transitioned the iPhone to USB-C which typically provides faster-charging speeds or removed ports altogether, so the iPhone 12 still includes the typical Lightning charge port. This means you can use an existing Lightning cable and a traditional USB-A power adapter to charge your iPhone 12. With the included Lightning-to-USB-C cable, though, you can also plug your iPhone 12 into your Mac laptop.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 is compatible with current Qi wireless charging pads. However, Apple’s main focus for charging the iPhone 12 (and likely future phones) is the new, built-in, fast charging MagSafe magnetic power connector.

So here I have mentioned a few procedures on How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time till you get a power adapter or wireless charger for it:

1. Use your previous iPhone charger

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

You can charge your new iPhone 12 with your previous iPhone charger till you get a power adapter or wireless charger for it.

2. Use your MacBook

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

Connect the USB-C type port to the Lightning cable that came in the box with the iPhone 12 to your MacBook.

Old MacBooks may not support USB-C cables, so if your MacBook supports USB-C, you could go with this option.

3. Use a wireless charger

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

Every iPhone 12 version supports wireless charging. So if you got a wireless charger for your previous phone, you could just use that.

What Is MagSafe?

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

MagSafe is magnetic charging technology created by Apple, built into the internal engineering of the iPhone 12 series. It was originally created as a safety feature for MacBook charging cords. Before Apple transitioned the MacBook lineup to USB-C charging and data transfer, Apple used the term MagSafe to describe its computers’ charging cable connectors.

Now, MagSafe is incorporated with iPhone 12 series to create a new ecosystem of accessories for easy attachment and faster wireless charging. There is a magnetized “hockey puck” disc that looks like a big Apple Watch charger and snaps to the rear of the phone. This MagSafe connector includes a USB-C cord that plugs into a power source and charges at 15W.

Does MagSafe Work With a Case?

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

Yes. But there are warnings.

Maximum people who want to protect their iPhone 12 with a case and make use of MagSafe magnetic charging will need a MagSafe-compatible accessory. Naturally, Apple is selling several MagSafe chargers and a magnetic wallet on Apple.com. Third parties, like Belkin and Otterbox, have their own MagSafe products, too.

If you have a non-MagSafe case without the magnet, you should be able to charge it with the MagSafe charger as it’s Qi wireless compatible, but it won’t snap onto the case.

What Is Battery State of health?

The Battery SOH (State of Health), is the present state of a battery at any point in time while compared to its ideal conditions and is usually shown in percentage. All types of batteries wear down over time, no matter which device they power. So their health percentage will never be 100% except for the first days the devices are used. This is especially true with devices like the iPhone, which in most cases remain on all day long.

However, battery health can be influenced by many reasons, like weather for example. Yet the most important thing that we can control is the way the battery is charged.

So let’s go through my articles, where some important points are given on How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time and how to rightly charge your iPhone’s battery every day to preserve its health over time.

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max Everyday Basic

Everyday charging of your iPhone is not as important as its first charge of course but still affects its battery.

Point 1: Regardless of charging your iPhone during the day, always charge it every night. This helps keep its battery active constantly.

Point 2: Fully charge and drain your iPhone’s battery once every one or two months. In my opinion, this helps calibrate your battery indicator properly.

Point 3: If you have to leave your iPhone in one place for a few hours/days, make sure it is a cool and dry place and that its battery is above 60 per cent charged. Also, whenever charging your iPhone, make sure you do it in a cool location.

Point 4: On the same line, try to avoid charging your iPhone while it is in its case since it will make it hotter, which is not good for the battery at all.

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

1. Turn on Low Power Mode

How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

Using Low Power Mode can significantly increase the life of the battery charge. Switch to Low Power Mode when your iPhone battery is low, or when you don’t have access to electrical power.

  1. Go to Settings > Battery.
  2. Turn on Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode limits background activity and tunes performance for essential tasks like making and receiving calls, email, and messages; access the Internet; and more.

Note: If your iPhone switches to Low Power Mode automatically, it switches back to normal power mode after charging to 80%. Your iPhone might perform some tasks more slowly when in Low Power Mode.

2. Turn on Optimized Battery Charging

This isn’t specific to the iPhone 12 or iPhone 1 Pro Max, but instead, it’s a feature included in iOS 13 or above. Optimized Battery Charging helps you to learn nightly charging habits, using any set alarms in the Clock app, to properly charge your iPhone’s battery each night and reduce the amount it degrades over time.

More specifically, your iPhone will immediately charge to 80% when you plugin or place it on a wireless charger when you go to bed. Once it gets to 80%, the battery will stay there until right before you wake up, when it will resume charging to 100%. The result is a healthier charging cycle for your phone’s battery and a battery that will last longer.

Turn on Battery Optimization in Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Optimized Battery Charging.

3. Enable Dark Mode

Enabling dark mode is a smart option for how to charge new iPhone 12 pro max first time.

Enable Dark Mode in Settings > Display & Brightness > Select Dark

how to charge new iphone 12 pro max first time

FAQs On How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time

1. Should I charge my new iPhone 12 Pro Max before use?

A new iPhone comes with around a 50% charge on its battery. You can start using it out of the box and there’s no need to charge it fully before starting to use it.

2. How long should I charge my iPhone 12 pro for the first time?

How long should I charge my iPhone 12 pro the first time I get it? The answer is no need to charge it any longer than it takes to get it to 100%.

3. How To Charge New iPhone 12 Pro Max First Time?

The best way to charge the iPhone 12 is to use the included USB-C to Lightning cable (or any USB-C Lightning cable you can buy online) and a USB-C charger. Apple will suggest you use its 20W USB-C charger.

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