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How To Calibrate IMU System In DJI Mavic Mini Drone?


If you have the DJI Mavic Mini (ultra-light drone), surely you will get a message in the DJI Fly App that the IMU of the DJI Mavic Mini has to be calibrated. But how exactly does this work? Our article describes what is an IMU in drone and how to calibrate it.

What is an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)?

IMU is a essential component in unmanned aerial systems such as UAV, UAS and drone– common applications include controlling and stabilization, guidance and correction, testing, mobile mapping and measurements etc.

The measurements output by an IMU (specific force (speed), angular velocity, and attitude) can be fed into the device such as Inertial Navigation Systems (INS), which calculate relative position, orientation and velocity to help navigation and controlling the UAV.

Here we describes step by step how to calibrate IMU of the drone. Please proceed as follows:

  1. To calibrate the DJI Mavic Mini, first place drone on a flat surface.
  2. Power on the DJI Mavic Mini quad-copter.
  3. Then open the DJI Fly app and connect to the Mavic Mini.
  4. Enter in the General Settings of the DJI Fly app (3 dots).
  5. Open the Main Controller settings (quad-copter icon).
  6. Scroll down and click on “Sensors”.
  7. Click on “Calibrate IMU”.
  8. Click on “Start”.
  9. Next, you will see “Calibrating, please wait”.
  10. Place the Mavic Mini in the various positions shown in the screen.
  11. When light changes from blue to green, then you are shown the next position to put the Mavic Mini in.
  12. Stand the DJI Mavic Mini on it’s side with the front facing right, then check for the green calibration light.
  13. Then stand the DJI Mavic Mini on it’s side with the front facing left and check for light to turn green.
  14. Stand the Mavic Mini on it’s nose (camera facing down) and wait for green calibration light.
  15. Next, stand the Mavic Mini quad-copter with it’s back end facing down and watch for the green calibration light.
  16. The last DJI Mavic Mini calibration position is to place the quad-copter upside down on the flat surface and wait for green light.
  17. This completes the DJI Mavic Mini Calibration with the message stating “IMU calibration complete. Please restart your aircraft”.
  18. Click OK and restart the quad-copter.

Here is a video for better understanding:

What if DJI Mavic Mini IMU calibration failed?

● Check the surface flatness where you are doing the calibration process.

● Try the Mavic Mini IMU calibration a second time.

● Do the compass calibration.

● Check the Mavic Mini firmware and update if there is a new one available.

● Allow the quad-copter battery to fully discharge or remove the battery from the Mavic Mini.

● Allow the quad-copter battery to fully discharge or remove the battery

● Wait a couple of minutes & Then charge your battery of the Mavic Mini fully and try the calibration again.

● Re-install the DJI FLY app just in case this issue is with the app not sending correct data to the Mavic Mini.

● If the IMU is still un-calibrated, then contact DJI or the retail outlet or store where you purchased the Mavic Mini

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