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How To Calibrate Compass In DJI Mavic Mini Drone? [Updated]

If you have DJI Mavic Mini & is a lot of air around it, surely you will get a message in the DJI Fly App that the DJI Mavic Mini compass has to be calibrated. But how exactly does this work? Here we will describe step by step why calibration is required & how to calibrate the compass of the drone.
Please ensure the following things before calibration- Powered everything which is used in flight, such as the GPS tracker. Remove all objects from your body that can interfere with calibration, such as metal on watches or rings, etc. Carry out the calibration in outdoors, preferably far away from sources of interference such as cars, etc.

Why should the Mavic compass be calibrated?

Good compass calibration is required to ensure a safe & controlled flight. The purpose of compass calibration is to measure the components of the drone’s magnetic field and they can be easily subtracted from the total measured magnetic field. Rotating the three-axis magnetometers allows the aircraft’s flight controller to separate the surrounding magnetic field from the aircraft’s magnetic field by itself. It’s also able to separate them since the aircraft’s magnetic field remains constant while the surrounding magnetic field rotates.

No amount of measuring will allow the aircraft’s flight controller to determine the deviation at a location. Declination is determined from a global declination model within the firmware. There is no way to compensate for deviation since it’s unmeasured. That explains why taking off in areas of significant magnetic deviation will lead to unstable flight.

How To Calibrate Compass Of Mavic Mini?

  • Remove all metallic accessories from you that could potentially be held near the Mavic while you’re calibrating (e.g. watch or rings).
  • Find a location on grass or dirt and not on concrete or asphalt which contains Rebar.
  • Switch on your Mavic with all 3rd party accessories (e.g. GPS tracker).
  • Wait until the remote control and the drone are ready.
  • Open the Aircraft Status in the DJI Fly App and there you will see the entries Compass and “Calibrate”.
  • Tap to the Calibrate button in the “Aircraft Status”. If the “Calibrate” button does not appear, then you can calibrate the compass from the Advanced Settings section.
  • Confirm the light on the rear of Mavic is solid yellow.
  • Pick the Mavic Mini up and turns it smoothly and steadily a full 360 degrees (if possible with constant speed) until the rear Mavic arm light turns solid green.
  • Point the front of the Mavic straight down and turn it smoothly and steadily a full 360 degrees (or a little bit more) until the rear Mavic arms start flashing green.
  • Note: Don’t be concerned if the Mavic gimbal reacts imperfectly to being face down then continue to smoothly and steadily turn the Mavic. If for any reason you do not complete any of the above steps smoothly and evenly, restart the process.

What if DJI Mavic Mini compass calibration failed?

  •  In case of when DJI Mavic Mini indicator blinks red, then try to Mavic Mini compass calibrate again.
  •  If the Mavic Mini indicator lights blink red, then yellow, move to a different location and try the Mavic Mini compass calibration again.
  •  If the Mavic Mini compass calibration fails, then retry. Failing that, then calibrate the IMU using the above instructions.
  •  Check for the latest firmware update

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