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How To Beat Your Friends At Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

Skribbl.io is a very popular game across the world. People enjoy this game with their friends and family. Playing skribbl.io makes you more creative and it can improve your vocabulary. As you have to guess the other people’s drawings, it also enhances the brain’s working capacity. This game is considered to be the online version of Pictionary. Where one player draws a picture as per the word given to the player and the other players guess the word. If your answer is correct you can earn points. To play better than the others here are some tricks and plans which can help you to know How to beat your friends at Skribbl.io. So, without any further delay, let’s start.

Here are some steps you need to follow while playing the game –

1. What word you will choose for drawing.

How To Beat Your Friends At Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

As the game has two turns drawing and guessing when you will get the turn of drawing you need to choose a word. In this round, three words will be given to you and you will have to choose one of them. This is a time when you can earn some good points.

You should go for the easy one that should be your first concern. You should also be careful about your drawing too. The easy word is not always will be easy to draw. The image which will be easy to draw will always be easy to guess.

In Skribbl.io when you have to decide a word within 3 of them and you found all of them difficult then you need to visualize how you will describe them or what will be the easier way to draw or make the other players understand the drawing. If you use a different type of color for your drawing it will help others to understand the image.

When you are playing in a group you should pick a word that may be easier for all of them to understand. But try not to pick a word that may be easier for the other players to guess. Still, you should maintain a clean drawing for others.

2. How to draw in Skribbl.io.

How To Beat Your Friends At Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

Drawing an image in a game is a little bit difficult and drawing something within a certain amount of time is even more dangerous. So drawing in Skribbl.io is one of the toughest parts. To beat your friend at Skribbl.io, you need to follow some tricks.

Skribbl.io provides some effective drawing tools for you. There are brushes of different sizes are available, various colors and fill buckets are available. All of these features will help you to draw a clear picture. Using these colors will help you to define the object you are drawing. The different shapes of the brush will help you to draw the proper figure. As per the drawing’s requirement, you may use the brushes and change their shapes. Still, you need to keep that in mind that you should finish your drawing within a certain time. While you are maintaining the time that does not mean you will draw something untidy.

If you find any word that is hard for you to then you can use a trick- draw something that is related to the word. Something that is very similar to the word. Suppose the word is Killer- then you just draw a knife or a pistol or you may draw something that is similar to the word. This may help the guesser to think wide and something out of the box. If you try to draw the object that might end up with a bad, unclear picture.

The drawing size is important for you. If you draw something very small, it will be difficult for the others to identify the small details. If you draw something huge then it will be time-consuming. Besides, it will be difficult for the guesser to understand the drawing, and the large size of the object can make the screen look dirty. Your friends can press the Red thumb down button. You don’t want that to happen. So, try to maintain a suitable size (not too small or too big) which will look good on the screen. Maintain precision while you are drawing.

If you find that no one is giving you the correct answer, as the last choice you can actually draw the word. But this should be used as your last choice. Doing this earlier will spoil the fun.

3. How to Guess the words correctly.

How To Beat Your Friends At Skribbl.io | Easy Guide

Now the next part of the drawing is to guess it. This is one of the most important parts of the game. Because this part of the game will earn you a lot of points. If you can guess the answers correctly you can score a lot of points. So, here is some information That will help you to understand How to beat your friends at Skribbl.io. –

To guess properly you should notice all the things carefully. There are some advantages that will be provided to you. A number of the letters in the word will be known to you. At the top of the screen, you will find some dashes that will tell you about the numbers of the letter. It will be your first clue, to utilize. As time will pass it will serially show you the letters.

The next thing is the image itself. Study the image carefully, the color of the image, analyze the size and shapes very carefully. If you study these two things carefully then it will be very helpful for you. These two things will be obvious, but there is another thing that you can do is to follow the chatbox. Watch carefully if there is anyone who has answered it or anyone has any typing error in their chat. That might help you to be sure about your answer. Well, this will not always be helpful but you can try this trick.

If your typing speed is nice then it will give you a privilege. But there are some points that you should keep in your mind. Typing fast can help you to give a fast answer but it can cause a typing mistake too. You should be careful about this answer. Never think of a word that is not similar to the number of letters are given.

Now the basic part to be a good guesser is to have good analytic skills. You need to focus on the image rather than your scoreboard. Analyzing the drawing is an important part. So think of yourself as a drawer and think what it can be. Maybe this perception will help you to understand it well. Change your perception if your answer is not correct.


There are many tricks mentioned above but which one will work for you, you will know after you try all the tricks. If you follow the above steps and tricks then you will know how to beat your friends at Skribbl.io. There are many hacks available, by which you can defeat your friends and family. The most important thing is to remember that no tricks will work if you don’t concentrate and analyze the game.

Don’t forget the purpose of the game, it is here to improve your brain activity and your skills. By using hacks or tricks you may defeat the others but it will not improve your creativity or knowledge. So it will be great if you enjoy the game without any cheating.

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