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How To Activate Dark Mode On Messenger [Updated]

How To Activate Dark Mode On Messenger: Facebook released an update for its iOS Messenger Beta and social media consultant, Matt Navarra gives us the first look on his Twitter profile.

According to Matt, the beta version of Messenger will have a few changes to the messages shortcut. Predominantly, Facebook has added the ‘Spam’ folder for unwanted messages in the Messenger app. Also, a message request shortcut will also be integrated within the main interface.

Facebook has also decided to improve the user interface and get rid of the clutter on the main Messenger dashboard. As per reports by Matt, the new updated messaging app will no longer have options for Data, Payments, emoji, and M translation.

Additionally, the new Messenger will also make ‘voice messaging’ convenient for the users. Most of us find it problematic to hold down on the mic button during a voice message. Well, the new updated Messenger Beta will have a ‘hands-free’ memo button that will enable the users to record their voice notes with a single tap.

How To Activate Dark Mode On Messenger

To begin, make sure you’re running the latest version of Facebook Messenger (version or higher). You can update the app by heading to your phone’s respective app store, or you can tap one of the links below and select “Update.”

  • Update Facebook Messenger: Android (free) | iOS (free)

Now, open Messenger and tap either the silhouette icon or your profile picture in the top-left corner of the main screen to open the app’s settings. From there, just enable the “Dark Mode” toggle switch towards the top of the menu — it’s as simple as that!

How To Activate Dark Mode On Messenger

Once enabled, it’s a true black dark mode, so you’ll save battery life on phones with OLED screens like the iPhone XS or Galaxy S10. The theme was a work in progress previously, but now, it seems to be complete. So no more issues where there’s black text overlaid on a black background — instead, it’s a fully functional true dark mode for Messenger.

It’s worth noting that Messenger’s dark mode operates separately from the system-wide dark mode toggles on Android 10 and iOS 13. And if you’re using Smart Invert to fill in the dark mode gaps on your iPhone, know that it will turn Messenger white again if the app’s dark mode is enabled.

How To Activate Dark Mode On Messenger

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