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7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog [Updated]

7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog
7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog

Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog: So all of you are welcome in today’s new article that is 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives. So today’s article is going to be very informative, so without any delay let’s start this article today.

If you are willing to earn money from a blog post or any creators’ platform like youTube you have to know everything about Google AdSense. It is a very large and popular platform to gain a lot of money from the online web.

What Will We Learn In Today’s Article?

  1. What Is Google AdSense?
  2. How Does Google AdSense Work?
  3. Why Is Google AdSense Important?
  4. 7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog.

What Is Google AdSense?

So Google Adsense is a large online advertising worldwide platform that has been created by Google itself. In this, Google runs its ads on various types of websites and blogs of content creators, where you can see many promotional ads of many products.

Google takes the advertisements from various companies of their products and runs ads of the same on the websites or blogs which is AdSense approved.

It takes the amount from the advertiser and from that money it takes itself 32% and distributes the remaining 64% of the money to the publisher (AdSense approved websites and Blogs).

So friends, let me tell you that earlier Google used to run its Adsense only on those websites or blogs which used to publish English content. But in 2014, an update was released from Google itself, in which it was implemented that along with English content websites, the Google ads will also be running on the websites which are publishing Hindi content. it was a great update for many bloggers.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

So guys, basically Google AdSense shows ads on your website based on the content category of your website. When people visit your website, he/she observe the ads and click on that ads, then based on CPC some amount of money is stored in your AdSense account. Advertisers always want to promote their products and services, so they create and promote these advertisements with the help of Google.

So friends, let’s understand Google Adsense with an example. Suppose you have a company and you want to run ads for your company so that you can get new visitors. Now you go to Google Adsense and pay him to run the ads on this. Now Google runs the ad of your company on the website of another publisher, now a visitor of that website visits your company site after seeing the ad of your company. Due to this, you got new visitors in exchange for some money.

Why Is Google AdSense Important?

So friends, all the people who are earning money through blogging nowadays, most of them are earning only through Adsense. So it is obvious that Adsense helps you a lot in earning money. Adsense runs ads on your website or blog from which you get money. For example, suppose you are a product seller and you want to increase the sales of your product, then you can run ads for your product through Adsense so that your products will sell more and you will benefit. So Adsense is not only important for one content creator but it is equally important for other people also.

7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog

So friends, now we come to our main topic of today “Google Adsense Alternatives”.

1. Adsettra.com

Adsettra is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives of all time. Because of this, you can earn money by monetizing your traffic. It pays you both monthly and weekly payments which makes it different from others.

This Ad network can be a very good AdSense alternative if you can utilize it perfectly. It drives good ads on your website. And friends, this is a special thing about it, it also provides you a platform to do affiliate marketing.

You can withdraw Adsettra revenue in many ways. From Adsettra you can take payment from PayPal, bank account, bitcoin, etc.

2. Media.Net

Media.net is the second-best Google Adsense alternative for you. Because with this you can earn more money by running ads on your website. It has a very unique feature that is if you have not got approval from Google Adsense on your website or your website is Google Adsense approved but still, you want to use this ad network, then you can also run of this ad network. Many big news channels use this Ad network in their websites so that their income can increase further.

3. Ezoic

So friends, the name of our third one of the best Google AdSense alternatives is Ezoic. Many users use this Ad network as you can gain more income in lieu of Google Adsense.

But it is more difficult to get approval on Ezoic if you compared it with the above two google AdSense alternatives but if you once get approval from Ezoic then You can also easily get approval from Google Adsense.

If you want to get approval from Ezoic, then you will have to bring 10,000 page views on your website every month. But if you get approval from Ezoic then it can earn you more money than Google Adsense due to high CPC because it is compatible with Google Adsense.

4. Ad Now

So friends, Ad Now is also a very good Adsense Alternatives. With Ad Now, you can easily monetize your blog or website as it is not as difficult as others.

Getting approval on Ad Now is easy. And friends Ad Now pay more money to run ads on your website. You can easily take payment on Ad Now and it is also a very trustworthy Ad Network.

5. Ad Thrive

Ad thrive is also a good platform to run ads on your website. The approval method for Ad Thrive matches with the process of Ezoic. Here you have to agree to some of these conditions to get approval like ———

  1. Your blog or website should get at least 10 page views in a month.
  2. The majority of the traffic of the website should come from the US, CA, UK, AU, or NZ.
  3. The content of the website should be good, well written, and unique.
  4. Your website should have an SSL certificate.

If you have accepted these terms of Ad Thrive, then Ad Thrive can be a good
Adsense Alternatives for you.

6. Chitika

So friends here is our next Adsense alternative is Chitika. Chitika is a very good ad network for new bloggers which was introduced in 2003. It supports both Hindi, English types of content, and Chitika aids to give you approval in a very easy way. Wherever you want to put ads in your blog, you can put the AIDS of Chitika with each other.

If we talk about Chitika’s payment method, then its payment method is also very easy and good. It pays you after completing the $10 threshold value. So it happened after seeing all the things about Chitika ads, it comes to the conclusion that Chitika is also a good ad network.

7. Taboola

So friends, the last best Google AdSense Alternatives on our list is Taboola which was founded in 2007 by Adam Singolda. But the Taboola from which it is a bit difficult to get approval. Because if you want to get approval from Taboola, you have to bring 1 million page views to your blog every month (1 million page views/month) which can be a bit difficult.

But once you have taken approval from Taboola, then it is very good for you because Taboola provides native ads which is a very good thing for your blog because it is better for advertisers to make native ads. Because of this, you get high CPC ads easily.


I hope you guys would have liked this article of ours today. If you come, then definitely tell me by commenting and on which topic you want the next article, definitely tell by commenting. I hope you people have got all the information related to Google Adsense Alternatives. See you in the next article.

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