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Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 in June 2021 [Updated]

Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 in June 2021

Nowadays gaming industries are growing more and more among the young generation. They are always trying to prove themselves good in gaming. Ask any of those, they will agree on better gameplay experience they need proper devices along with quality audio equipment, like headphones.

But finding the Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 in India can be difficult for us. That’s why I am here with a top 5 list of Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 in India.

So, stick with me here.

Hope you will find this article useful for you and you will purchase your headphone as per your requirements from the list of Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000.

Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 In India

Now, let’s have a look at the Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000 In India in Detail.

1. Redgear Cloak Wired RGB

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Redgear Cloak Wired RGB is an excellent headphone in this price segment for gaming. Due to its high-quality sound production, you will get the best quality sound enhancement.

Lightweight design helps you to carry this everywhere and Super comfortable build quality with extra soft earmuffs for the long-term gaming sessions.

2. HP H100

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HP H100 gaming headphone is designed for easy use and to be comfortable. It provides high-quality strong bass clarity.

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It has a 3.5 audio jack for connecting with other devices and a 35 mm driver has a microphone and built-in volume control.

3. Cosmic Byte GS430

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Elevate your mood and enhance your gameplay with Cosmic Byte GS430. This is a wired headphone designed for people who are suffering from keyboard noise.

There is a separate volume control roller and a mic on/off button and also has an RGB light which is very good. You can use it on all android phones, laptops, and desktops.

Build quality for Cosmic Byte GS430 is quite impressive. It can differentiate between background noise and your voice with a 120 Degree Flexible Noise Cancellation Boom Mic.

4. Cosmic Byte H1

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If you have a low budget, then you can go with the Cosmic Byte H1. It’s lightweight and build quality make it a good product experience.

It has a Single 3.5 mm audio mic jack, and a Driver’s Size is 40mm and the bass of this headphone is very strong, which is essential for gaming.

5. Redragon H120

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At this price segment of 1000 rupees, you can purchase this headphone for it’s great to build in quality.

It has a Standard OD3.5 audio jack and 40mm neodymium directional drivers. But the Noise cancellation system and volume control are not that great in this product. So, you can avoid this product.

What You Should Look For While Choosing Gaming Headphones With Mic Under 1000

Sound Quality: This is one of the most important things that we have to keep in your mind while purchasing gaming headphones. With a good quality sound experience, you can enjoy your gameplay at a high level.

Microphone: There are many games where you need a team to play the game. You need to talk with your team members for better communications. Or, you might need to provide voice commands in the game itself.

So, having a microphone is a good option while choosing the gaming headphones with mic under 1000.

Comfort: Comfort is another important thing that you can not leave out here. For long-term gaming sessions, you need comfortable headphones, otherwise, they could cause pain in your ears.

Wired or wireless: There are a lot of gaming headsets that come with both wired and wireless. If you don’t like wires that could harm your gameplay, coming your way while playing games, go for wireless. You will feel free while using wireless headphones.


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