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DJI’s Ambition On Land-based Drone [Updated]

DJI’s Ambition On Land-based Drone: Two recent patents by Drone Manufacturer DJI were recently published showing what the company may have in the works presently. DJI is known for its wide range of drones and gimbals but these new patents show the company is planning to expand the capabilities of its products. They imagines on Land-Based Drone that can’t fly. 

DJI’s Land-Based Drone (Camera Car)

Land-Based Drone

According to the patent description, this is a motorized rover with a camera on top.The camera is on the top of the car. We can also replace the camera.The car has four 360-degree rotating wheels. The large and sturdy wheels suggest that its design can adapt to off-road use. The wheels are separated from the camera by a rod that can be moved up and down. There is a damper below it. There is also a shock absorber on the bracket for better elimination of the shake. In addition, the vehicle’s chassis can be raised according to the driving speed and road conditions. Or lower to adapt to various driving situations.

DJI’s entry into Land-Based Drone vehicle equipment has actually already begun. In August 2015, DJI hired Tesla Autopilot and Darren liccardo, Senior Assistant Driving Engineering Director, and served as DJI Innovation Global Engineering Deputy President, since then, rumors in the industry that DJI has begun testing in-vehicle equipment are endless.

Although drones seem incompatible, but the core technologies required are similar. DJI has demonstrated its strength in consumer vision drones in terms of machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms.

Stabilization Device

Land-Based Drone


It is understood that another patented product applied with the camera cart is a handheld device, which is similar to the tiny Ronin 2 only in appearance. On April 24, 2017, DJI officially released the Ronin 2 PTZ system at the NAB (National Radio and Television Equipment Show). The main consumer group is film practitioners. We can install this product on drones, Steadicam , Handheld ring, flying cat, rocker and other professional vehicles.

This stabilizing device has two handles, a movable camera, and a physical controller including a focus wheel and buttons. The two handles are non-movable. We can move and share the camera between devices. The battery is located at the bottom of the device. The product has a detachable frame that enables the device to be connected to different devices to achieve an ultra-stable picture, of which Including camera carts detailed in DJI patents.

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