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DJI Mavic Mini Image Transmission Problem, How To Solve It? [Updated]


DJI Mavic Mini provides 30-minute max flight time, a 3-axis gimbal for superior 4K HD video transmission & holding a 2.7K camera and a physical controller that works with iOS and Android phones. Sometimes there are some problem occurs in videos transmitting. You will get a message of image transmission problem due to weak signal. Sometime green, pink or blurry line appear all over the screen. Here are the solutions to solve the image transmission problem.

transmission problem

Restart DJI Mavic Mini aircraft, remote controller and DJI Fly APP if image transmission problem occurs

If image transmission problem occurs during flight and the line of sight is not within sight, you can do the following if you cannot return the drone manually:

Click the Back to Home button. If this does not work, restart the app and remote controller. The image problem may be reset and displayed so that you can safely return to the drone.

Reconnect DJI Mavic Mini remote controller and aircraft

If the restart does not work, you can reconnect your phone & controller to the drone via a WiFi connection (this is only possible when you are not in flight). Although the drone models supplied with most remote controls are already connected (remote control / model). Sometimes the connection needs to be updated by manually resetting & reconnecting.

Keep antennas on your remote are clean & straight to avoid transmission problem

transmission problem

Various things in the air can affect your controller and even pollute the antenna. They should point correctly at the drone and clean it.

Check the transmission distance to avoid transmission problem

DJI Mavic Mini max video transmission distance is 2.48 mile(4 km), unobstructed and in lide of sight using the Remote Controller with the DJI Fly APP connected.

Put the mobile phone in airplane mode or turning off data

If the signal from your phone works and the signal from the remote tries to connect to the drone, not only the flight distance, but also the picture quality will be affected.

Change another wire that connects the controller and the mobile phone

Sometimes the connector cable will in affect the image transmission. A stronger connection and thus provide a clearer/more dependable image transmission vs the default one that comes with the model and connects the remote to the phone.

Your Mobile Should compatible with DJI Mavic Mini remote controller and DJI Fly APP

DJI Mavic Mini remote controller supports the mobile phones that are 6.5- 8.5mm thick and no more 160 mm long. It is recommended that you remove the protective cover before attaching your mobile phone.

And DJI Fly APP compatible smartphones, iPhone with iOS 10.0 or above and Android phones at the version 6.0 or above.

Update the firmware

Sometimes the problem occurs due to old firmware version. However, if you restart the drone and fully load it before flying, you must be notified of the firmware updates required. Wait until all indicators at the end of the controller / screen light up green. Before you continue.

Try to use the actual image transmission settings

  • Click the “three dots” at the right up corner.
  •  Click “HD”, then select from the choice: Auto, custom, and regular mode.
  •  Try them all out and see how it affects the transmission.

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