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7 Pro Rust Tips You Need To Know [Updated]

7 Pro Rust Tips You Need To Know: Everything that players must do in Rust is to survive the harsh world where multiple threats characterize their existence. You’re not only running from bears and wolves but must avoid other players at all costs. Also, starvation, drowning, and hypothermia is other threats that make Rust very challenging.

So, how can you conquer the threats and emerge a survivor in the game? The first thing is to invest in these rust cheats to simplify the game more for you. Then, follow the 7 pro rust tips that never fail when you apply them. If you’re ready now, find them below.

7 Pro Rust Tips You Need To Know

7 Pro Rust Tips You Need To Know

1. Create your first tools fast

Spawning into Rust with only a torch and rock doesn’t look so promising. At that point, your vulnerability is too high. So, the first thing to do is support your rock with a spear, and you can do that with the woods you acquired by cutting down trees. Yes, the rock helps players to cut trees, and once you have wood, craft the spear at once. This weapon can help you fight off other players and even animals and fell more trees for firewoods and cloth.

2. Get your first weapons ready.

The first strong weapons you must craft in Rust are the Hatchet and the Pickaxe. This is because you can make it yourself. To craft the hatchet, you will need to gather more woods and stone. To make the hatchet, you will need 100 stones and 200 kinds of wood. This same amount is the same for the pickaxe. So, once you land into Rust, make haste to find wood and stone.

For efficiency when felling trees, make sure you hit the spot marked X. Also, use your rock to pick branches, tree stumps, and logs to build your wood. As for stones, use your rock to hit the “stone nodes” all over the land. Also, as you move, keep picking stones to increase the number you have. Once the whole material is available, craft the weapons.

3. Build a safe haven

One of the important things to do after crafting the first weapons is the bases. Rust is a land where you will live, farm, cook, and eat for the time you’re there. That means you also need where to store, rest and even heal. But before building your home, there are some things to consider. The first is whether it will be flamboyant, open, or hidden and safe. The best is the latter since it will ensure your survival. Don’t go building a base that others can see quickly. Also, ensure that the base is small but can contain your items. Many professionals even recommend that you build more than one base to divide your loot amongst them for safe-keeping.

4. Be careful with abandoned sites

Looting in Rust is important as you can find many weapons, materials, items, and equipment. You will even find food and medical supplies. One of the fruitful places to loot includes abandonment sites. But while approaching this site, you must be careful because of radiation. Many sites where valuables abound are also radioactive. Many of the abandoned buildings in this game emit those waves that can kill you faster if you’re not careful. So when you find one of them, approach it with protective wear or don’t even go near it.

Another thing is to stop and listen for a crackling sound indicating that it is not normal. If there’s no sound, put on a gas mask and loot. But if there is a sound, please leave it alone.

5. Target the Ocean and rivers

While gathering resources in Rust, there are strategic locations to target for better results. The first is the river and the second is the Ocean. So for all your scrapped materials, head towards the Ocean. Check the monuments or use a boat to search the barrels along the coast. Once you find them, break them as scraps. But when you need to find hemp and food, move towards the rivers. Hemp is necessary to craft cloth, and food will save you from starvation.

6. Keep to yourself more

One of the safest ways to survive in Rust is to avoid others. According to many professionals, other players are never friendly but always looking for ways to kill and loot your items. So, stay far away from them. But whenever they spot you, prepare to fight them off because that’s what they come to do.

7. Avoid combat

There’s no need to seek out other players for fights. Instead, stay away from combat as much as you can to save your head. For instance, if you hear gunshots in the east, run towards the west or run to your base. This is the reason pro players recommend building more than one base. When you can find your home in many places, it will be easier to dodge bullets.


Rust game is fun if you know what to do. So many people land into the game and survive even with all the threats. So, apply the tips we have shared here, and don’t forget some external tools that can boost your performance too.

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