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7 Call of Duty Warzone Tips for Surviving Longer [Updated]

Call of Duty Warzone Tips for Surviving Longer: Call of Duty Warzone is one of the new editions. There are some new additions in this version that will make the game more interesting. Because of the raised difficulty level, every player is looking for some tips.

7 Call of Duty Warzone Tips for Surviving Longer

So, here is a list of the most useful tips for you:

1. Dropping location

To have a good start, you need to pick up the best dropping location. For that, you need to carefully study the map. If you want to avoid intense gunfights initially, dropping at a remote location will be perfect for you.

From these distant locations, you can also get good loot. On the contrary, if you wish to test your skills, you can choose a crowded area like Downtown. So, it is completely up to you. But pick the location only after discussing it with your team. Otherwise, the whole team will get killed instantly.

2. The parachute trick

You need to strategize even before you land on the map. Here is one of the best call of duty warzone tips that you can use which most players are unaware of. When a player drops from the plane, he can use his parachute and glide down slowly. Interestingly, you can speed up this process by cutting the cords. Do not worry.

You can re-pop the parachute as many times as you want. So, you can use this feature to your advantage, and it will give you a good speed boost. Thus, you can reach your selected location faster. The player can also drift sideways and cover more distance if planning to land in a remote location.

3. Use your cash wisely

In this edition of COD, cash has become more important than ever. As you move forward in this game and complete several contracts, you will get a good amount of cash. But do not just collect your cash. You should invest wisely.

When playing COD Warzone, holding cash will not give you any rewards, so if you want to take its benefits, purchase some resources. If you have sufficient cash, you can get loadout drops, amours, UAVs, cluster strikes, and many other useful resources. As you cannot take the cash with you, spend it smartly. For example, if you are investing in a UAV, you can win battles very easily.

4. Get the maximum loadout drops

Apart from cash, getting loadout drops is another important thing in this game. When you are buying a station, you must know what you are looking for. As mentioned before, UAV can be helpful for you, but getting enough loadout drops must be your top priority. With these airdrops, your team can swap one of their loadouts and get a customized one.

Thus, you can move further with your preferred loadout. All experienced players use this trick to improve their gameplay. So choose your loadout as soon as possible to avoid any risk. You can check https://battlelog.co/call-of-duty-warzone-hacks-cheats-aimbot/ for more useful tips and tricks.

5. Finish contracts

The best way to earn money from this game is by completing contracts. You will find these contracts scattered on the map. Getting money from loot is easy, but you must focus on contracts if you want to get great rewards. There are mainly five types of contacts. In bounties, you have to kill a person on the map.

After the kills, you will get your rewards. If someone else kills the person before you, you still get a small amount of cash. In Scavenger contracts, you have to find three looting boxes and open them one after another. These boxes will give you solid loot, and after completing the task, you will get more cash.

Moreover, a player gets an Armour satchel after this contract. In Recon contracts, you have to lock down a capture point, and in Most wanted, you become the target for every player on the map. Last but not least, in the supply run, you have to build a Buy station on the map. So, use these contracts wisely.

6. Share resources

When you are playing with a team, you cannot think only about yourself. If your team members are weak, you will not survive battles even when you are fully armored. So, always share your resources with your teammates to make a stronger and better team.

7. Use the ping feature

Like all other battle royale games, COD Warzone also lets you ping on the map. This helps the players to communicate with their teammates. Thus, your whole team will know your targets and plans. So, ping on them whenever you can and help your teammates to go further.

7 Call of Duty Warzone Tips for Surviving Longer


These are the best 7 call of duty warzone tips for you. All these tips have been tried and tested for years. When you follow all these suggestions while playing, you will see significant improvements. So, keep playing and keep enjoying.

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